Saturday, August 25, 2012

Home Again...home again...

Well I'm home again after a week on the high seas.  First some pictures...

The Lady of the Harbour, on the way 
out, at the beginning of the cruise

Second night at sea 
on the promenade deck

Arriving back to the ship in Orlando

Back of the ship & it's wake
 during my daily early morning walk

Leaving the ship in Nassau

On the dock in Nassau

Towel Monkey in stateroom

Last night at sea - from the stateroom balcony

Self portrait on the day I sat on the balcony 
in my stateroom & just read a book

Now some observations...
  1. I'm fat.  I don't feel fat in my real life.  However, at sea I felt fat.  Not because there were a lot of skinny people there but because the cruise ship has the most unflattering mirrors EVAH.  And because the onboard photographers don't understand the magic of photography illusion. Seriously who shoots a fat girl right on, up close...fat I tell you fat!
  2. Whenever I travel, I never over pack.  I am the mistress of getting a lot of outfits into a small carry on.  I listened to some others, over packed and lived to regret it when we disembarked the ship because I shopped ALOT when we were in Nassau and none of it was fabric...can you believe?  So I had too many shoes, too many outfits and too many souvenirs which meant too heavy suitcases to cart too far to get on the chartered bus!
  3. Which brings me to the point that I don't really like to travel.  The best days on the ship were when everyone including their children had gone ashore and the ship was quiet and everything was convenient and easily accessible. Which makes me the grouchy old lady, that everyone avoids! *LOL*
Finally, I'm thrilled to be home and ready for the rest of my vacation (meaning the real part *LOL*) starting now with sewing! In the days leading up to my vacation, I made a list of some projects I'd like to work on.  I'm going to sew from the list because even though it's robust, I won't be able to complete everything on it this week!  That's fine...I really just want to enjoy the process...indulge myself and get fat with sewing creativity...tap into my inner Creative Zen self and sew ALOT.

So stay tuned for some serious creative endeavors...and thanks for hanging out and waiting for me to show back up! always, more later!



  1. Welcome back. It's good to see that you made it to and fro safely.

    I am the ultra queen of never over-packing. I went on a two week trip to Europe and the Middle East with one suitcase (under 50 pounds!) and a backpack. The backpack was my only carry on and held puzzle books, MP3 player, snacks, and my inhaler. I refuse to pay the airlines any money to check a bag and do everything I can to make this happen!

  2. welcome back from a first-time commenter!

    you own comments made me sad, which is why I had to post. Just yesterday, I sent your blog link to four of my very best internet girlfriends. I find you so inspirational and so full of life and which such an AMAZING sense of style.

    Please don't let some silly cruise ship photos get you down on yourself.

  3. I'm thrilled to see you back safely, and am really looking forward to seeing what you churn out now that you're on your "real vacation"!

  4. First time commenter, too.

    You are such fun and have one of the bestest blogs - love it and you, too. You do such a faantastic job with everything you touch.

    Not fat - FLUFFY.

    Marge R,

  5. I agree. Home and sewing is wonderful!


  6. Welcome back - I missed your blog!
    You look wonderful in that maxi in Nassau - stylish and elegant. My solution to fat photos: destroy them on sight, only keep the flattering ones. Looking forward to your next sewing projects.

  7. Welcome back! Can't wait to see what's up mext!

  8. Welcome back - I'm with you.. You can easily sit back with a cocktail or glass of wine or bubbly and enjoy life without maddening crowds and noisey people.

  9. I very glad you are back!

    I'm with you on the grouchy lady bit - I hate the crush of humanity at most vacation spots, so hubby & I tend to avoid them. I'd rather go for a hike in the blissfully quiet woods!

  10. Welcome back! All renewed and refreshed! I can't wait to see the next inspiration.

    FWIW, I am not a fan of cruises, too many people in too tight a space. Give me a sandy beach with a nearby bar, someone to bring me pina coladas, and a good book any day. And that would be at a nice hotel where I can park my butt on the beach all the time I want. It's my claustrophobia showing!

  11. Hi I think you looked fantastic in your maxi on the dock. You look happy and relaxed and you don't have to fit into off the shelf stuff (that can only really fit a small number of people), and you look great in everything you make. So there!

  12. Welcome back Ms. Carolyn! Now you just knock that little silly devil right off your shoulder now!!! You are a beautiful "full figured" woman PERIOD!!! You made beautiful clothing for yourself before you left on this cruise (maxi on vacation included) and you will still make beautiful clothing for yourself now that you've returned...nothing has changed.

    Your irritation on this cruise is one that a lot of us share, too many people in a small space(me included and I love cruising!) So don't fret and now that you've been on one, you know what NOT to do too! Now it's time to get back to the business of having some real fun...

  13. Welcome back, Ms Fabulous!

    Good for you to not (generally) overpack. I am an overpacker, so your description of the consequences is well known to me.

    Enjoy your sewing vacay!

  14. I'm very good at overpacking. I'm trying to learn to take less. Once I underpacked and then had to buy clothes. Seems to be another balance thing. A friend toured Europe for two weeks with a carry on. LOL - I need a carry on just for my hair, make-up, and jewelry supplies.

    My favourite holiday is taking a workshop. I'm not a fan of cruises or all inclusives.

  15. I'll tell you what, I get upset when other people take my photos now. I want to give advice-- like where to stand, what angle to take it from, how to hold and set the camera.... lol! I get it.

  16. Cruises are great when you are burned out and want to do nothing; mostly I love to stay home and play in my studio, sleep in my bed and not be bothered by other ppl.
    Welcome back

  17. Welcome back! I can relate to the time spent when others went ashore. Look forward to seeing the results of your sewing vacation. Enjoy!

  18. Welcome home! I can relate to the grouchy thing. I remember being a kid and wondering what was wrong with those mean old folks. Now I am a mean old folk.

  19. Well, my first reaction is how very FAB you look in your maxi-dress - you'l have to burn the mirror memories out of your brain.
    Seriously, you look great.
    I can relate to your feelings about vacations. I can just barely make it through a vacation, LOL and always beg to come home a day early so I can settle back in at home, relax and sew.

  20. I sure looks like you had a great time! I'm wondering what Florida port you really hit ...

  21. Welcome home! I have to say I truly missed your wonderful posts. I went on a cruise this month as well and had fun. But it can be a bit much when everyone is on the deck lol. Glad you are home and back to sewing.

  22. LOL, I love your blog and rarely comment because everybody else does but I just had to say your weight does not define you AT ALL. I'm sure everyone who enjoys your blog does so because of your awesome creativity and wit. And if you wouldn't have said it we wouldn't have noticed.

  23. Yes, you're fat. But you're also beautiful. The two characteristics are not mutually exclusive.

  24. Thanks for reinforcing my view that I'm not ever going to willingly go on a cruise.
    You did look great and I did miss your posts.
    Now for the real sewing fun:)

  25. So glad you arrived back safe and sound! Your words read so much creative energy into me..even with being laid up with a post operative knee!!
    Again, glad you're back and looking forward to your next creative post!!!

  26. Welcome back.

    You looked great; so what, you are plump. So am I. It's the attitude that matters!

    As to cruising, I love them BUT usually go alone. I don't go ashore unless I've never been in that country before; have to put my foot down and buy a postcard/keychain.
    If I've been there, I stay on the ship.

    I go alone on cruses to be completely self-indulgent; eat, sleep, swim, read, stare into space, whatever, WhEN I WANT To without having to consider anyone else.

    Very selfish. But therapeutic.

    Glad you are back.

  27. Hi Carolyn!
    after having been on holidays myself I just read your comments re your cruise. Just do not beat yourself so, you are such a lovely person and very full of life. Who cares about a mere detail!
    Anyway, always lovely visiting and reading your blog even if I am not good at all by keeping my side of the deal up.
    All the best and kind regards from Down Under

  28. Carolyn, several years ago my friend took me, along with his family, on a cruise to the Caribbean. We went during the Christmas holidays! Do NOT ever do that--you cannot get to anything on board because of all the kids! Worst cruise I ever went on! LOL

    Gail D.


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