Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Purple Pontedness

This really is just a picture post because I made this purple ponte dress last summer as a quickie.

It's Vogue 9245 and it was the second one I made from the pattern.  It wasn't a perfect dress but it wore well and believe it or not I received quite a few compliments when I wore it.  After making it, I had about two yards of fabric left over which I used earlier this summer to make a cardigan, Butterick 5760.

It's been so hot here lately that neither have been worn...but I did take pictures of the dress and cardigan (in the air conditioning) together with a scarf I made with some leftover trendy rayon fabric that I used for a wadder this summer.  Yeah okay don't ask about that, this is about the pictures, remember! *LOL*

Back view

Side view

My daughter says that I shouldn't wear my purple shoes with this outfit because it's too much purpleness...that I should wear the shoes in the pictures above. I was definitely getting a "you look like Barney vibe" from her but she denies it. Ummm yeah right, I've been her mother for 24 years, I KNOW when she's lying! So I won't be wearing this outfit with the shoes and I'm thinking I will need another necklace or scarf for it too.  Barney is just not a good look...y'know what I mean!

Two other quick notes ~
I can't believe that The Closer's final episode was tonight!  I loved this series and Kyra Sedgwick in it.  I even loved the way it ended...but I'm gonna miss this show. Now to wait for a boxed set of the series to show up on Amazon so that I can own it...*sigh*

A Wearability Update for the Mosaic Vogue 1250.  This is one of the lightest, coolest dresses I've worn and it's all about the fabric. I love the silk jersey! However, one of the qualities of silk jersey is that it has a wonderful drapiness and boy was my drape in evidence! *LOL* I don't ever remember having to adjust the front drape on this dress as much as I did. That aside the dress wore wonderfully and received quite a few compliments.

Next - I still haven't worn the green rayon dress...probably will this week.  Also the Valentino Panel Dress hasn't been worn yet either and that is on purpose. It's been so danged hot here that the subway is a sauna. Be down there two minutes and everyone around you is glowing...by five minutes everyone is mopping sweat off of them and let's not talk about 15 minutes. This dress is important to me and I don't want the silk ruined by sweat...so it won't get worn until it gets a little cooler.

Well that's it for now...I'm counting down days now until I leave.  Did I say that I was so excited!  *LOL*

...more later!


  1. That is a perfect shade of lavender for you, Carolyn! Very flattering (and the scarf complements perfectly also).

    Oh, Barney was a darker shade of purple. I had to watch/listen to it WAY too many times when my son was a toddler.

  2. Purple is your colour. I love the matching scarf.

  3. Read her like a book, do you?! Definitely a mom thing. You do not exude even the slightest Barney vibe.
    I was so glad I just happened to catch the Closer last night! I kept turning my head to watch it while sewing and accidentally served the middle of my top I was making. Thankfully it didn't get cut by the knife!

    1. Oops, trigger finger on the reply button. I wanted to say the scarf is a lovely addition to the outfit. :-)

  4. Love that purple dress on you.. And the cardigan ..so pretty..Adding the sash for extra color....wonderful..
    I agree..it is soooo hot here, it is hard to put makeup on [and it stay on,ha]..I am hoping to see some cooler weather come soon.Then all these pretty dresses will be so welcome to wear..
    beautiful job.. Have fun on your vaccation.

  5. I love that shape and the scarf accompaniment- the shoes look perfect with it. I miss Brenda already! Are you up for Major Crimes?

  6. Awesome color on you, Carolyn! And I agree with your daughter about the shoes. ;-)

    I also love all your V1250s!

  7. Yes, this shade of purple is beautiful against your skin. You never cease to impress and you're funny too.

    The Closer was one of my favorite shows too. The spin off, "Major Crimes", aired last night. I'm on the fence about that one. Maybe I can decide how I feel after a few episodes.


  8. You look FAB in the purple, it shows your curves. I don't like the cardigan with it. Yeah, I was getting the Barney vibe. I think the shoes and scarf are fabulous with it.

  9. Beautiful color on you...it "lights you up". Very nice. :)


  10. Hi - check your SG personal messages, please. I sent you a note.

  11. I just flat love your blog. I love your "voice". It seems like I can hear your laugh. I love to see what you sew and you inspire me to sew another V1250 or two! Maxi length, I think. Have a wonderful vacation. I love a cruise. I think of you next week and smile because you are being pampered.

  12. Such a pretty color and the dress is so simple with the cardigan you can style it any way your chose....scarf lovely!

    For a modern look I think your daughter is right, but if you were going a vintage total look then everything would be matchy-matchy, right down to the gloves and hat ;)


  13. You look beautiful in that color. So nice to bring out an oldie but goodie and enjoy it again. The scarf really is the perfect finishing touch.
    I already miss The Closer so much, and I feel a bit silly about being sad about a TV show, but at least it seems I'm in good company. I'm also on the lookout for a seven-season collection, but I expect they'll be charging a premium when the roll it out!

  14. I agree with some of the other comments in that colour is stunning on you.

  15. Just as I got to the line about your daughter saying not to wear those shoes, I was thinking how great they look! This colour really works on you and the scarf is perfect. I'm interested to see what colour shoes you do end up wearing.

  16. No no no - don't tell me the closer has finished - that is one of my favourite shows. We are behind you in episodes down under so we will still have some to watch but ..... sob sob.

    Back to sewing. Loving your purple outfit but agree with you DD. Shoes, handbags and jewellery should be an accent - not blend in. I am planning a turquoise / teal wardrobe and purchased a beautiful teal bag but have realised I must be careful when I wear it.

  17. That's a pretty outfit. And I love, love, love that pink/black/white print dress in your previous post.

  18. Beautiful outfit. I love hearing about the day to day too such as riding on the subway. What are we to do while you are on vacation??? We will have to manage somehow. Have a great time. Will want to hear all about it when you get back and see the pix of you wearing your sewn garments!

  19. Love the colour and the scarf but most of all your lovely smile.

  20. You look absolutely beautiful in that color! Love the ensemble!

  21. You look awesome in purple! Well done.

    Btw I can totally relate to you about the subway thing. I've been walking to work instead but I don't know if that's worse heatwise.

  22. I watched the Closer last night. I'm so sad to see it go!! I'm also really sad she took Lt Gabriel with her. Does that mean he won't be on the new show?

  23. I watched the finale also. I was not addicted to this program like I am some other shows, but I do like Kyra Sedgwick a lot. Love this dress and cardi; also like the newest version of V1250.

  24. I agree with your daughter on the shoes...neutral is the way to go with this beautiful purple! You look great!

  25. Beautiful color, one of my favorites, and it looks good on you.
    I agree with your daughter, the taupe shoes or navy or black would be nice.
    Daughters, they are so hyper critical!

  26. You are beautiful in purple.Yep,navy shoes would be perfect or you can pick another color from your scarf to be your shoes color ;)
    Embroidery designs


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