Saturday, August 04, 2012

It's that time of year again...

...yes, it's August so it must be fall!  Well at least that's what my mailbox is telling me along with the new September magazines...and of course even though it's sweltering in these parts, I'm thinking of wools and fall clothing...even though I have a lot of summer sewing left to do!

I do have a plan though...loosely based upon what I've already seen of the new fall trends.  I'm planned another wardrobe...and as an aside I would definitely say that this year my sewing has been all about wardrobe sewing.  I put together the Lavender and Gray Wardrobe in the beginning of the year, the 10 Yard Adventure Wardrobe for spring/early summer wearing and now my fall plan which doesn't have a snazzy name as yet. There is also a cool dress adventure planned too, which should get my sewing through the end of the year.

Now I've got a plan that I'm pretty pysched about so how does that tie into the new fall trends?  Well I will add a few of the "new" colors though this year I'm actually feeling like they are recycled.  And, I'm concentrating on classics this fall so if I find one or two trendy items I like I may or may not make them...because I'm returning to classic elegance this fall.  Oh that's a great name, maybe I should call my fall wardrobe that...

So like I said that's what's on my horizon...right now its still summer around these parts even if the magazines and retail internet sites say otherwise! And I have a few garments to sew for my "summer" vacay, as well as finish up the McCalls 6506 dress.  My grandchildren are with me this weekend so I don't know how much actual sewing I'm going to do...

However, I wanted to take this moment to say as a few of my fellow sewing bloggers have previously said, Ladies don't skip your yearly mammogram.  I try not to share a lot of personal details on my blog but after a week and a half of hell because a doctor found a "lump" during an exam and a rush mammogram and follow-up testing, I want to encourage you to make sure that you have them done yearly.  Part of the reason I felt so bad was because I skipped my exam last year for all of the regular dumb reasons, too busy at work...they never came back showing anything...I could do without that torture...I would know if something was wrong...etc.  Luckily, it was nothing but what if it had been and I hadn't caught it earlier because I skipped my mammogram especially since I'm blessed to have health insurance.

So please don't skip yours!  And if you don't have health insurance in the U.S., check out Planned Parenthood because they have sources that give free mammograms, and during October, Breast Awareness Month in the U.S., many hospitals and clinics also give free mammograms.  Okay public service announcement over...I'm off to play with grandchildren and watch the Olympics...

Updated to add this info from Kaye and L.:
As of 1 Aug, The Affordable Care Act now requires that insurers waive all copays for all preventative screenings and measures.

Thanks Ladies for that information!!! 

Speaking of the Olympics... A huge shout out to Gabby Douglas for her amazing gymnastics feat of winning not one but two gold Olympic medals and for going down in the record books...the girl did the dayum thing! always more later!


  1. So glad all is well, Carolyn!!!

    And, yes, what an amazing gymnast that Gabby is. On top of her formidable talent, she has such charisma!

  2. We all have a tendency to 'put-off-until-tomorrow' the very things we know should be done today. So thanks for the timely advice.
    As for Gabby, gymnastics hasn't been televised Down Under yet, but I will watch out for her. At the moment we are seeing all the brilliant rowers and track/field events. Such amazing talent...

  3. Glad all is well. Hell yeah, she was truly magnificent.

  4. Carolyn, I am so glad that you are okay. Isn't the waiting for the results torture? May I encourage your followers to get a pap test as well as a mammogram. Both tests could save your life.

    Can't wait to see what your fall wardrobe plans are.

    And, yes Gabby is amazing. Enjoy your grandchildren this weekend!!

  5. So very glad that all is well! Enjoy the grands this weekend. :) g

  6. Yes and yes on both accounts. Get tested...go Gabby!

    I can't wait to see what you put together for your summer vacation. Since we spend our winters in Florida, I wear my summer clothes much longer. So, I would like to see what magic you conjure up!

  7. And remember, with the new health care act, preventive care is required to be covered by insurance without co-pays as of August 1. That includes mamagrams and pap tests. A mammagram detected a very small cancer I had which was too small to feel. My life was saved by timely surgery - get a mammagram ladies!

  8. Glad to hear all is well-scary stuff.
    Classic elegance sounds good. I've been thinking about basics myself.

  9. I am glad everything is ok in the end - I had a similar situation a few years back - turned out to by cysts, but as you say - puts you in a horrible place until you know all is well. good luck with you new sewing plan (one day I will do a plan) lol

  10. Thank God it turned out to be nothing. A timely reminder. It does give a fright though. Looking forward to seeing your new plan.

  11. I'm glad that the lump turned out to be nothing. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to get those checks. As of 1 Aug, The Affordable Care Act now requires that insurers waive all copays for all preventative screenings and measures.


  12. I think it is lovely that you have let women know about the options for free testing. We have free breast screen clinics here so are very lucky. I can't wait for the gymnastics to show up for the Olympics.

  13. Amen!!!

    They found my breast cancer thanks to my annual mammogram. I know well the terror that you went through, and I'm SO glad yours turned out okay. Hug your grandchildren and thank you for the public service announcement!!!

  14. Good news Carolyn! You must feel a huge sense of relief. I love the sounds of your sewing plans and looking forward to seeing your next collection.

  15. I'm so glad you had a positive outcome to your tests. What a blessing! It is so important, as you say. I know women who found cancerous lumps just a few months after getting a clean mammogram. We must not miss these. Thanks for the reminder, Carolyn.

  16. I am looking forward to fall sewing as well and my head is full of plans although I must face the fact that the temperatures won't drop below 100 until mid-October at the earliest.
    Glad to hear you're healthy, and thanks for the reminder on vigilance over our health. I've had so bits of me biopsied and turned out to be benign that I tend to be quite nonchalant about everything now. I need to be a little more attentive.

  17. Yikes!! I'm so sorry you had such a scare, but I'm really glad that everything turned out OK. And I'm so happy for sweet Gabby!

  18. Glad everything is ok...that is definitely scary! Mine is coming up on the 17th, I will not miss it! I do it every year!

  19. I'm so glad you got a clean mammogram, Carolyn. Yes, get your mammogram and colonoscopy and make sure your man gets his PSA tested!

  20. Glad to hear your test came back okay--my mother had two tiny spots on here this past March, and after a biopsy it was found she had what the doctor called "the bad kind" of cancer.

    If she had skipped her mammogram this year, she would most likely have died before her next exam. She had a partial mastectomy, and the chemo is rough, but she has an 85% chance of survival.

    So please get checked, it really could save your life!

    I love to read about your sewing, and I hope you have a great vacation.


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