Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I had a thought or two...

These are just some random thoughts that I've had over the course of the last two weeks...
  • I think I'm going to purchase the Anise Jacket pattern from Colette.  This pattern will work with my business corporate office.
  • I really want to make a plaid version of my Whitney Dress...have the fabric and everything...need to get to that before spring!
  • Just added another four pieces to the CIW collection.  I'm definitely going to be sewing on this collection into spring!  It's oddly comforting tho' to know that I'll have so many pieces that will play well together.
  • Have started to collect the materials for my Ralph Rucci dress - can't wait to start on it!
  • My creativity/sewing mojo is surging!  I'm in the middle of a tornado of new ideas.  You know standing in the eye of the storm and all of these truly amazing ideas are twirling around me.  All I need to do is reach out and touch one and make it.  Now I need more time to sew.  Does this happen to anyone else?
  • I need to do another purge of my closet so I'll have enough space for all of these new projects!
  • Maybe not buying so much fabric is a good thing - I've been quietly cutting back for a few months now!  What you thought the Mood association would stop my fabric buying habits?!  Ha, she laughs at you!  Fabric is fabric baby! *LOL*  But there have been fewer and fewer boxes showing up AND it's been noticed and commented upon!
  • I loved meeting Oonaballoona!  That girl is fantastic...even better in real life than on her blog!  I got proof and you would know this if you followed me on Instagram!
...and there were a few questions...

Jean asked...
I was just wondering why you didn't just sew the zipper in as a standard zipper with a hmmm.... now I've forgotten what they are called... with a flap over it? I realize that exposed zippers are the style now... but I was just curious.
It definitely was a style/trend thing for the application of the zipper.  I'm seeing it everywhere in NYC and realized that I hadn't made a dress using one even though it's been my intention.  So new fabric + new zipper = exposed zipper.

Valerie asked...
How do you feel about metal zippers touching your skin?
I honestly don't know.  Will have to let you know after I wear the dress, since this is the first dress with the exposed metal zipper.

tcsewhat asked...
Have you ever made a scarf from your fabric stash?
I made some scarves last Christmas but lately I've just been too hot to wear a scarf around my neckline.  I prefer necklaces.

See I'm trying harder to answer questions! *LOL*

Finally and most importantly, tomorrow is the last day to enter the giveaway for the two $50 Mood gift certificates.  If you haven't left a comment yet, what are you waiting for?  C'mon peoples, free Mood fabric!  *LOL*  Contest closes tomorrow at Midnight EST!  Oh and only one entry will be counted, I will start deleting duplicates when I lock the comments!

Please leave comments for the giveaway on the post, One Year Later, any comments left here will not be counted in the giveaway! 

...as always more later! 


  1. You are so inspiring to me. I love the fact that you sew corporate-appropriate clothes and that you look really great in everything you make. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. What do you do with your weeded-out clothes? Somewhere, I assume there is a charity in your area that cheers when they see you drive up... :)

  3. What? Free Mood fabric, where, how?
    I love how well you have nailed your personal style.

  4. I think the Anise will look terrific on you. Very classic in your style.

  5. Thanks Carolyn, I would love to hear an update about the wearability of your zipper.

    To be a fly on the wall when you weed out the closet! ;) good luck!

  6. so, what do you do with the clothing you weed out? Do you ever have a contest on your blog for a lucky reader to win one of your creations? or do you put them on consignment? would love to know ...

  7. I can't wait to see what you do with the Anise jacket. I've been thinking about it too, but haven't bought the pattern yet.

    Oh, and, yes please! Pretty please! yes yes yes yes yes. I would love a Mood fabric gift card!!!! This is very generous of you! I went to Mood for the first time last summer and took my credit card for a spin.

  8. Great idea! the Anise will look wonderful on you.

    And synchronicity abounds: Isaac
    Mizrahi was on QVC last night (I
    think), lavishly extolling the
    fantastic qualities of double
    breasted jackets ..for everyone.

    I almost ordered it just from his
    incredible descriptions of how
    slimming they are, the design
    and quilted fabric. Yours will
    be fantastic, as usual.


    ~Joy~ (from SB)

  9. I have been reading your blog for nearly two years. I "discovered" you while recuperating from open heart surgery, as I was regaining energy and interest in sewing again. Your work and your enthusiasm are inspirational.

  10. Oh yes I like that Anise Jacket too... it will look lovely on you I'm sure. I am procrastinating right now by not finishing my presentation and reading sewing blogs and I will still have no time to sew for about 4 weeks.

    I'd love a Mood voucher too... not that I need fabric but like you say, it will count for the postage to Oz at least.

  11. I can't wait to see your Anise!! I have the pattern and fabric I want to use, but no time at the moment.

    And I agree that Oona is super fantastic!!

  12. Yes I too would to have a Mood voucher

  13. Hmmm - I love your thoughts. I've been sewing! In the evenings. Tonight I couldn't walk away and I have to work tomorrow! But I shall have another new dress soon! You are inspiring me to make dress after dress. I still don't hav ethe perfect pattern for all the different designs as you do - but I think I have a couple of great shapes for me.

    Thank you - again - for the support and inspiration.

    I saw Oona on your Instagram. Then last Friday I was watching NCIS and I saw her there too! g

  14. I want to make the Anise jacket too, but I've got to get through my coat project first. I think it would be lovely on you!

  15. Hi,
    Found one of your reviews on PatternReview (McCall 5987 coat/jacket), which led me to here! What a fabulous site. I'm just a novice. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

  16. I'm looking forward to your version of the anise jacket!

  17. Oh my. Reading your list of ideas is giving me shortness of breath. There's so much to play with, no wonder you have lots of sewing mojo.

  18. Just got back from a business trip and catching up on blog reading. Glad I did and just in time to post this comment to be considered for a Mood Fabric gift certificate! Would love it.

    I like the Anise pattern by the way; I had not seen that one and website indicates it's new.

  19. About the metal zipper against your skin. Have a look at Dior RTW. The zippers have a grosgrain ribbon sewn between the zipper and the lining, so the ribbon lies between your skin and the zipper. It is beautiful!

  20. I have never ordered garment fabric on-line so this would be a new adventure for me. I think it has something to do with feeling the fabric before I buy it?

  21. HA! the feeling is HIGHLY MUTUAL! i just hollered at you in two draft posts, oona style. i may have *actually* hollered at you.

    hope you find some time. tell those people to stop making you work so damn late. don't they know you're a celebrity?

  22. Thank you for letting me live my sewing life thru you. When I see you sewing it helps my mojo

  23. Good call on the Anise jacket...I can see so many possibilities for it in the office. And, don't you love when that sewing excitement happens all over again?

  24. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I always enjoy your sewing adventures even though I don't always comment. Thanks for writing. Jane

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