Sunday, October 28, 2012

Butterick 6002 ~ A Knit Cardigan

The next piece in The City in Winter Collection, is a knit cardigan made using Butterick 6002 to coordinate with the brown wool crepe pieces previously sewn.

Pattern ~
Butterick 6002 - This is an out of print pattern that was issued in 1999.
It is a semi-fitted, unlined, above waist jacket that has shoulder pads, mock bands, long sleeves and stitched hem.

Fabric ~
Tweedy ponte knit purchased from Mood. Here's a link to additional pontes at

Notions ~
Five 7/8" buttons
1/4" shoulder pads
black fusible interfacing

Construction ~
This is my third version of this jacket. My first one ended up going in the recycle basket and my second one became a treasured piece that I wore a lot this summer. 

For this version I made one fit change.  I added tucks to the neckline of the pattern pieces so that I wouldn't have to make darts to take in the extra width.  Here's what I did in my second version...

And here is a close up of the neckline on this version...highlighting how the excess fabric has been removed at the neckline...

The cardigan was primarily sewn on my serger, since it is a ponte and a stable knit. The most challenging aspect of this jacket occurred when I decided not to make regular buttonholes but to make corded buttonholes on the jacket front. You can read all about that technique in this post from my blog.

So a few more pics...

Jacket, RTW turtleneck
TNT pants

Jacket worn with
dress recently made

This cardigan/jacket will work well with the pieces currently in the collection and with future pieces too. Next up is tops. I have two tops planned for the more than the original plan...but I found an amazing knit from EOS that will work with both the chocolate and the gray bottoms because I need some simple sewing before I head into jacket territory. always more later!


  1. A great piece, Carolyn, and it looks great as part of that outfit!

  2. Dear Carolyn!

    Thank you so very much for your blog and every post of it!
    You are great and you are so inspiring!

  3. Very nice - I love working with ponte knit.

  4. As usual, you've sewn a lovely little cardigan that pulls all the pieces together!

  5. Gorgeous jacket and it looks so stylish with your other pieces.

  6. Super versatile! In that fabric ot's definitely better without the darts. I actually quite like them in the plain fabric.

  7. A very versatile and chic cardigan! I love ponte also.

  8. That cardi will go over a lot of outfits. Very nice.

  9. Luvit! Looks great on you.

  10. This cardigan is a beautiful addition to your CIW collection. As usual, you look great wearing it.

  11. (and you) looks great! I am learning a lot from your process of putting together a collection. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your sewing knowledge!

  12. Another great piece added to your collection.

  13. What a wonderful little jacket - and it looks great with your slacks and with your white TNT dress. What a coordinated wardrobe you are creating. Bravo! I must take these wretched knees to Mood one of these days. Please tell me there is an elevator.

  14. Very Nice!! And tweed ponte!!! Love the shoes with the pants!! Carolyn, does the ponte from Mood pill?

  15. well, I spent two hours trying to find someone selling this pattern but all I can find is the smaller sizes which will not work. I will keep looking. I saw a quote from a Singer ad on another blog and it reminded me of you:

    Sunday, October 21, 2012
    There Are Two Kinds Of Women...
    Those who now have all the clothes they want, and those who have yet to discover how to have them."

    The blog is

    Could you possibly contact me via email so I can ask you something? Thanks.

  16. This is already an impressive collection and this cardi is a great addition. It's a great length and the buttons are a good feature to pull it together.

  17. This is such a versatile piece! It it going to get a lot of use, I'm sure.

  18. Very nice! I love the fabric and style of this Cardi!

  19. This collection is coming together beautifully! I hope Sandy isn't too miserable for you and you can get back at it soon. g

  20. Another great addition to your collection! Don't you just love coordinates?

  21. I love this cardigan, the fabric makes it look like a jacket, but it must be so much more comfy to wear. It's hard to believe that Sandy came barrelling through so soon after you took these lovely autumnal pictures.

  22. I'm so used to seeing you in your TNT dresses but these pants are so flattering too. I love how they look with the jacket. And I am loving those print shoes!!


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