Friday, October 26, 2012

My Week in Pictures...

It started on Tuesday when I attended Susan Khaljie's class on "Sewing with Lace" at Mood.  I learned that I still have a lot to learn about constructing a garment using lace and realized that as good as my Trendy Lace dress looks, it could have been a whole lot better!  I saw some friends, Rosie, Clio, Marina and Oona and met a new one...hey Rhonda!  Thanks for reading!

My new Vogue Pattern Magazine came on Wednesday...and then on Thursday (after the sale ended!) the new patterns showed up on the site.  I  only like three of them...

Sorry Shams but I liked all the dresses! ;)

I also pulled fabric from the collection Thursday night...cause I'm sewing tops for the CIW collection this weekend...

From left to right: A cardigan from Butterick 5760, 
a top from V1250 and a bow tie blouse from V8772

Then the new Talbots catalog was in the mail and I got a new dress idea (the bow dress on page 78) I will be in the shelves looking for some more fabric...I need something in burgundy and since I will have made three new tops, I can sew another dress that's not part of the collection, right?! 

There were a few questions...

Jenn asked...
"I love those shoes, please, please tell me what label they are and if you bought them recently."
Jenn sorry I bought the shoes last season from The Avenue, can you believe it?!

Gaylen asked...
What I want to know how you get your running spaces such a consistent space and length?
I actually don't have a trick for this one. I just try to make the stitches consistent in length on one side and then I mirror the stitches on the other side.  The beginning of the stitches are actually a little crooked because I didn't start our using the tape...they got better after I applied the tape and began to stitch around it.

Tia Dia asked...
I wish there was an option on your blog to zoom in on the photos to get a good detailed look at your work...
Actually if you click the pictures they do get larger...but I'm including a close up picture of one of the better ones.  

Please note that by no means do I think these are fabulous buttonholes, they are passable.  There was no way that I could rip out another set of buttonholes without ruining the fabric, so I went with good enough.  I have the concept down ~ now I need to practice, practice, practice so that my technique will improve. 
And finally since Hurricane Sandy is coming to town Sunday...there may be no posts for a minute.  I'm praying that it's not as bad as the forecasts are making it sound but I feel like it's Irene all over I will be protecting my sewing cave Sunday afternoon so that I don't lose anything precious... always, more later!


  1. Good luck with the coming storm. Stay safe inside and sew! (I hope it's a case of the weather services crying wolf again.)

    I enjoy your blog immensely and check it every darn day.

    I have a figure similar to yours in proportions, perhaps a little smaller but same shape. It's extremely helpful to see someone like me shapewise making great looking clothes.

    Keep on sewing Carolyn! (My Mother's name)

  2. So.many.dresses.... I am over the dress mania that is gripping the world. ;)

  3. Vogue patterns (including the new ones) are on sale at at the moment if that helps :)

  4. I am so not a dress girl, but that Vogue 1328 is SCREAMING my name! I think I'm just going to have to make that up!

  5. I like the same Vogue patterns!

  6. I have lots of friends and relatives on the east coast...I'll be praying for all of you and I'm saying that sincerely!

  7. I too ordered some patterns thru Club BMV during the sale and saw the new ones the next day after sale. I picked two of three dresses you posted as likes as well.

    Liked the fabric choices for what you are up to next.

  8. Looks like a very interesting class! Some great dresses INDEED! I am running out to get Vogue 1328 as soon as the next sale starts!!

  9. I was thinking about you last night when they were detailing the storm potential on the news. Isn't that amazing how we can connect and be concerned for someone we've never met, who is so far away, and yet we feel is a friend? Stay safe. Hopefully you can sew through it.

  10. Thanks for the Talbots link. I've been thinking about making a sheath dress for the holidays, but can't seem to come up with a design that I want. They have lots of them in the catalog.

    I really like that print in the middle.

  11. The class with Susan Khaljie looks fun and informative. I'm jealous! I like all 3 new Vogues the you picked and the stash fabrics for your CIW collection are awesome. I particularly like the last one. Hope Sandy stays away from you and my daughter who lives in PA.

  12. The class with Susan would have been fun and a good investment of your time.
    I hope the weather is tamer than expected.

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  14. Stay safe! And I hope your precious sewing area stays safe as well.

  15. That sounds like a great class. I wish I could have been there. I love all your dresses, can't wait to see your new creations.

    Hope that you will be alright during the storm.

  16. For the person asking about stitching and making stitch length consistent, there is a thing that quilters use called "TIGER TAPE" which can help.

    Its used to help quilters make even stitches - its a tape, that sticks lightly to the fabric, and can be reused repeatedly before it loses its "stick"

    It has markings on it like a ruler, and you can just decide how long you want your stitches, and how big the spaces, and use the tape as a guide. Easy peasy.

    Just thought they / you / other users might be interested.

    Link to seller:

  17. Oh, Carolyn, what fun to take a lace class with Susan Khalje--she is a marvelous teacher!

    I, too, like Vogue 1326; it reminds me of a fabulous pattern from 1969/70 by Federico Forquet--I made my mother a dress in dark/pale green rayon crepe using that pattern--I'll have to get the new one (with the next BMW sale).

  18. I picked the same three Vogue patterns as favorites!


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