Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Week in Pictures - Storm Edition

At the beginning of the week it felt like my world was getting back to normal...internet came back...crane got tied down so I could work in here are a few pics of my week...

Monday - the crane has been secured...

Tuesday - an election was won!

Wednesday - 4+ inches of snow fell...

Thursday - some fabric arrived...

3 yards of a faux leather

5 yards of a suiting wool

3 yards of a silk/cotton blend border print

3 yards of a rayon/wool tweed

Friday evening - an event for work...

Saturday - choosing some buttons for the B5760 cardigan

I'm moving garbage bags back into the sewing cave and unpacking them between sewing.  I've got the fever and want to get a few pieces made! always more later!


  1. Glad to hear you are getting that sewing cave back to normal. Love the leather and can't wait to see what you make with it!

  2. Quite an interesting week weather wise and otherwise. Love you fabric.

  3. You definitely had an eventful week! I love the fabric - every single piece!

  4. I've been looking for faux leather online. Did yours come from Mood?

  5. Thanks for such a well-illustrated report! That purple wool is sensational! It's going to look fabulous! But like others I am really curious about the faux leather!

    I hope you get a break from dangerous weather!

  6. That was quite some week! The snow pics are so beautiful. :) Glad you are back to sewing!

  7. You really have had an eventful couple of weeks. You probably need a vacation AT work to recuperate! :D

  8. That's some week! Love your fabric selections, especially that beautiful border print!

  9. Quite a week indeed! I absolutely love the purple wool.

  10. May I ask where you got your fax leather? Glad all is almost normal again.

  11. aaaaaand.... on to sunday and 61 degrees. CRAZY WEEK. i hope the bags are all sorted and you're sewing your new arrivals, they look delicious! are they all intended for one garment?

  12. The crane made the news here in Sydney today. You really did have a full week.


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