Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Next Piece in the Collection...

So Sunday night I finally got the urge to sew...yeah, I know right before I had to go back to work...but in my defense I wasn't sure I was going to work on Monday because the building had no heat...there was a chance that I would be home with the ability to sew.  However, that hope was dashed late Sunday evening.

Anyway, the dresses that I'd planned prior to Hurricane Sandy had no pull. I wanted something quick and easy.  So I went looking for the lightweight knit that I'd wanted to use for Butterick 5760 but there are ALOT of garbage bags full of fabric in the dining room...don't believe me...see for yourself...

It was just easier to put my hand in a bag and pull out a piece...this is what emerged...

It was the perfect piece because not only does it go with my current wardrobe plan but it uses the pattern that I wanted...Butterick 5760.  Here is where it stands now...

I've decided to use large snaps to close the cardigan especially since the fabric is thick. Then I will sew buttons on the top of the bands for a fancy finish.  I've yet to go through my button collection to find an appropriate button...but I know that I want something sparkly and like.  This may mean a trip to the garment district but I'm hoping that there is something in the collection.  Okay I'm really hoping there is something in the collection...*sigh*

BTW, my internet service is on again so everything is back to normal...just in time for the nor'easter that arrived tonight. I trudged home in falling snow and blowing winds and they're predicting 3-6" of this stuff.  I guess I can live with it as much as I hate snow...because at least it's not rain!  I'm hoping that I can get those garbage bags full of fabric back into the sewing cave, soon...and it will be easier to do without alot of rain and flooding!

If everything remains the same, I will be sewing this's hoping! always more later!


  1. That's going to be gorgeous -- and so useful! I am amazed by your ability to reach in a bag and pull out a fabric and VOILA, you create something wonderfully wearable:)

  2. Great knit! That will be a fab piece for your newest collection.

    (And even though you closed comments for the last post ... just gotta add my WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

  3. Oh my gosh! I can't believe you pulled out that fabric! with the luck of the's perfect!

  4. You couldn't have pulled out a better piece. Great cardigan.

  5. Lucky pull! I love that cardi - the cables, the longer length, jewelry buttons - perfect.

    Where did all the garbage bags of fabric come from? new purchases or off the shelves for safe keeping?


  6. Ooh I like that cardi and sparkly buttons, how perfect.

  7. That looks like it is going to be a great piece! Can't wait to see what sort of fun sparkly buttons you pull out for it.

  8. I hope everyone in the North East has your resilience!
    Your stash looks so good...I think if a lot of us pulled out a random piece of fabric, it would be dire, lol! Yours, of course, is chic and spot on.

  9. What a fun way to overcome flagging mojo - fabric stash grab bag! I've got storm refugees in the Craft Lounge until their power is restored. So, no sewing here, sadly.

  10. That was a great pull out of the bag,I love that knit. I've been so out of the sewing frame of mind for so long I'm desperately searching for inspiration. I should've known this is the spot toget it. I'm going to get into my sewing room this weekend and at least get organized.

  11. It says a lot about your collection that you can reach down and pull out something perfect. Take care in yet another storm.

  12. How beautiful and so versatile. Did you lengthen it from the pattern? I love the fabric but I would need another color. How wonderful that your fabrics work so well together that you can just reach in and pull out something that will work. Amazing! I can really learn from you.


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