Sunday, May 05, 2013

New Patterns

I haven't bought new patterns in a minute. There hasn't been anything in the pattern books that caught my eye and quite frankly I already own quite a few. Patterns that are just sitting waiting their turn to be used, it's so sad.

However, last week a convergence of events happened where the sewing heavens opened up and offered two great pattern sales.  First Simplicity who rarely runs online pattern sales and who in my book could take a lesson from BMV and run more, ran a 48 hour $3.99 pattern sale.  Talk about making sure you use it or lose it!  Thankfully I opened that email in time to partake.

This is what arrived from Simplicity...

Simplicity 2054 - Cynthia Rowley Dress

Simplicity 2250 - Cynthia Rowley
(want to make the jacket)

Simplicity 1885 - Wardrobe Pattern

Then BMV, offered up their new selection of Vogue Patterns and can I say that it must have been a fantastic offering because not only did we slow down the website to an absolute crawl but we also caused sold out signs to appear on the website...something I've never seen on the BMV website on NEW patterns before!

For some reason I was determined to survive the crawl last Friday night and waited through slow loading, some refreshing to emerge victorious with these goodies...

Vogue 1348 - Tom & Linda Platt Design

Vogue 1349 - DKNY Dress

Vogue 1353 - Kay Unger NY

Vogue 8897 - Very Easy Vogue Tunic Dress

Vogue 8911 - Love the lightweight top

Vogue 8916 - Wardrobe Pattern

Butterick 5678 - Blouse

As always when new patterns show up, I want to cut them out and use them right away!  Although realistically that day job gets in the way. Although I'm a little sad because when the patterns arrived, the package was missing this pattern...

Vogue 8902 - Seamed Dress

Now I could have sworn that I put that pattern in my cart!  Guess I mistakenly took it out when I realized that the shipping charge was getting a little too high! Luckily for me, BMV offered another sale that ends today.  So the pattern I was dreaming about using the most is now winging it's way to me!

So did you partake of any of the sales?  Did you get any of the new Vogue patterns?  Or was this just not a great selection of patterns to you?

BTW, I've finished a few need to be taken, blog posts written, so they will show up in the next couple of days. always more later!


  1. I did buy new patterns, Vogue only and not any of the ones you picked out. Not that I didn't like them, but we have very different lifestyles and work environments. Your pattern choices really brought that home. I look for interesting slightly edgy casual and easy wearing dresses for summer. So, what did I pick? Marcy Tilton's new dress, Betzina's pants and tank top and her duster coat. I also just finally received my first 3 Style Arc patterns. I am rolling in patterns as well. I bought from the last Vogue sale and I do have years of Burda magazines. I look forward to seeing what you make your new patterns up in. Have fun

  2. Fabulous patterns! I got caught in the 'slowdown' last weekend and thought it was just a glitch with the iPad. Went into work last Monday to place my order. Argh!!! The sale was over. Thanks for the heads up for the new sale!

  3. That's a nice set of new patterns! I tried to buy a couple of the new Vogues during the sale, but alas they were all sold out. Oh well, it's not like I have nothing to sew!

  4. I think your choices were wonderful. Glad to hear there is another sale, since I gave up after the first "sold out". Thanks! Can't wait to see what you make.

  5. For some reason, I never cared for Simplicity patterns. That was before I got hooked on Burda. After looking at your choices, maybe it's time for me to give Simplicity another look.

  6. Hello everyone, hope we are all enjoying our spring!

    I love the fabric used for the dress in the 1353 pattern.

  7. I picked up V8902 in the first sale. I liked the look, but what really sold me was that it's one of the CustomFit A,B,C,D cup size patterns, so it will save me the trouble of doing an FBA. I'm waiting to see what you do with it when you receive it. Are you planning to make it all one color or are you going to have contrasting sleeves and side panels?

  8. I only bought Vogue; 1349, 8911, 8904 and 8893. I have so many patterns waiting to be selected. And I have a new sewing space so unpacking and organizing is taking up too much time. Loved the blog about other sewist's work spaces.

  9. New patterns bring new inspiration! I've been thinking about purchasing the first two Simplicity's you've shown. I like both of those. And you have lots of goodies with the Vogues. Love 8911 and 8897.

  10. I was so tempted but was so good and did not buy new patterns during the sale! Like you said, I have too many beautiful un-used patterns in my stash that I should make first.

  11. I did get several patterns in the recent sale. I also bought 8902 & 8911

  12. Yes, I bought three new Vogue patterns in the sale. So much cheaper than buying them in Australia!

  13. We had a huge simplicity sale here a few weeks back so I picked up a few new patterns then. I am just finishing up the jacket from 2250 (the Cynthia Rowley one that you have got), in a linen mix. And I did order some of the new Vogues I confess. The Anne Klein maxi. I am going to attempt chiffon for the first time!

  14. Like you, I couldn't even remember the last time I bought a pattern. Then toward the end of last summer, I stumbled upon a BMV pattern sale and purchased about 8 or 9 new patterns. The intention was to use them to make some new fall/winter outfits. Although since I live in South Florida, my fall/winter wardrobe looks pretty much like everyone else's fall gear. Best laid plans... I have managed to make a few pieces, but summer's here now and the game plan has changed somewhat. I'm using shorter sleeves and lighter weight fabric. That doesn't mean I won't be using these patterns for my fall/winter togs, though. BTW - I really like Vogue 8897 and Simplicity 2054. Just might take another look at those pattern catalogs.

    Happy stitching. Can't wait to see the photos of you in those new dresses!

  15. Ooh, what fun patterns! I don't even open up the pattern sale emails because I don't want to be tempted! :)


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