Thursday, May 30, 2013

There and back again...

First things first...

The dress is done and delivered.  Delivered it Tuesday after work and it fit just fine. Shew! Since I had to cart it to her, the dress was a little wrinkled so she will have it pressed at the cleaners.  The prom is this evening and I will get final photos later because my daughter, the hairdresser, will do her hair.  The dress will be revealed on the Mood Sewing Network tomorrow.  Go on over there to see it, if you can't wait for it to be shown here.

As usual after a very involved project, I want to make something simple...and actually I will need to because I have limited time for the next couple of weekends.  I have to work one day this weekend.  Next weekend, I have a baby shower on Sunday and the following weekend, my Face Time sewing student will be here for an actual in-person sewing lesson.  See not a lot of sewing time.

I finally sat down and made a sewing list for spring/summer...which is funny since somehow we skipped spring and marched headlong into summer...cause it's gonna get hot here over the next couple of days!  First heatwave of the year.

After years of non-stop sewing, I have a great wardrobe for all seasons.  For the first time in a long time, I don't have this thing pushing me to sew faster to get a few more outfits made before the season ends.  I also have scaled back my fabric buying.  I can't believe that I've blown off all of the fabric sales  for Memorial Day...not one single yard was purchased.  Didn't y'all feel the earth shake when that happened? *LOL*

There is just so much goodness contained in the workshop that I want to use some of it.  Let me state plainly that I'm not feeling pressured or guilty, I just want to use some of the goodies I've collected.  Also included on my list of ten new outfits to be made over the next three months are seven new patterns.  This is a lot of new patterns for me but I want to enjoy the journey this summer.  I want to make some things I haven't done before.  I don't want to rush.  I want to take more than a weekend to finish a garment. I want to wallow.

The one thing this last project took from me was my peace.  Sewing is how I de-stress.  It allows me time to be creative and a calmness comes over me when I spend time doing that which is in direct contrast to my day job.  I loved that I made my niece the dress of her dreams.  However, it came at the cost of a couple of vacation days that I normally use as a refuge from the stresses of my day job.

So there's probably going to be a lot more "in-construction" posts around here especially since one of the patterns I'm planning on using is Vogue 7975.  I've had this jacket pattern since it was first issued in 2004.  There have been at least 50 of these jackets made on PatternReview.  

Please don't think I'm making one of those Chanel reproductions cause I ain't.  I'm in search of the perfect jacket to go over my sheath dress because as I've looked over list after sewing list that I've composed over the years, the jacket/dress combo appears again and again.  I buy enough fabric for the combo and I always start with the dress.  Then I get bored/excited/intrigued by another project and I move on...but the combo continues to appear on my lists.  

So this summer, I'm going to try V7975 in a couple of interesting pontes to see if I can get a good fit.  If I can, then I'm going to move onto some wool crepes for fall and hopefully I can get a TNT jacket.  A jacket that I can make from season to season.  It's now become a personal challenge.  I have to get this off my sewing list.  I've got to get a few in the wardrobe.  I'm probably going to bore the hell out of some of you and that's okay because you'll be going on vacation and you'll totally miss most of it! *LOL*  But hopefully, I will get a well fitted jacket that will enhance my bodacious body, make me look slimmer, more professional and work miracles in my wardrobe ~ and no I'm not talking about spanx! *LOL*

The only designer inspired garment on my summer list is the ponte Talbots dress.  I've hit most of the latest trends ~ bright colors - check; florals - check; embroidery/lace - check, check.  I just want to sew a few new patterns and while away the summer in my workroom since I have no vacation plans this year.

So I've been there and I'm headed back again...back to basics...back to calm & peacefulness...back to sewing for the pure pleasure and joy that it brings to my life. always more later!


  1. So glad your neice's dress turned out so well, you must have both been thrilled!

    I look forward to seeing this new venture of yous - the TNT jacket, and hope that you throw in a few more lovely dresses!

  2. Can't wait to see your niece's dress. You've mentioned ponte dresses in the summer before, but it isn't that too heavy/warm of a fabric for summer?

  3. Sounds like a good plan to me. I'm also experimenting with a couple of new pattern companies at the moment which is fun & interesting. We also seemed to have skipped Spring and moved straight to summer in Hong Kong, what is happening!?!

  4. Look forward to seeing this jacket and it's process. I think a dress and matching jacket is so chic al la Jackie Kennedy.

    Can't wait to see the finished Niece dress on Mood.

    And yes - there was a ripple in the stock market when you stopped buying fabric LOL!

  5. I, for one, love work in progress posts. As a relativly new sewer, they are so much more informative and valuable to me than just pictures of finished garments, no matter how simple the poster thinks they were.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  6. I haven't been fabric shopping in a while either because I have quite a few really nice fabrics in the stash that I want to use, not for the sole purpose of destashing but rather because I want to wear them! So I totally understand what you're saying. Looking forward to your in construction posts, because I usually learn a thing or two from you every time

  7. I think it will be interesting seeing how you go with the jacket. I love jackets and wear them to work every day. Good luck.

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing your niece in all her glory. She's a lucky girl to have you to sew that perfect dress for her. It was a beautiful gift Carolyn, something she'll remember.

  9. Making your niece's dress would have been lots of fun and I know she'll look great because of your great skills. I love good fitting jackets and they then last quiet a while but still look sharp. I know your jacket will be sharp fitting.
    Enjoy your sewing.

    I can see that you're going to be busy over the next few weeks but these will be memorable times too.

  10. Sewing for others, even loved ones, with a deadline can be very stressful. Glad it is all over for you and it is back to the zen of sitting at the machine. I know it well. Enjoy your return!

  11. That's absolutely great news! The sneaky peeks of your niece's dress show it to be GORGEOUS!! I cannot wait to see the finished piece, modelled in entirety, so I hope you are able to take some pictures :)
    Like you, I've reached a stage where I feel any more clothes I make are just icing, since I have a full wardrobe and don't *need* anything at all. As a seamster I have the exact opposite of a streamlined wardrobe!

  12. I would love to be able to take a peek at your process for working out the TNT jacket pattern, so I hope you post some snapshots along the way of what you are doing with it.

  13. I was just thinking about you this morning, and if the dress was finished or not! I can't wait to see your niece as I know she will look stunning..

  14. I'm glad the dress is finished and you came out unscathed.

    I made a muslin of the 7975 and it fits nicely. It's a good pattern for my figure and style. It'll probably become a TNT for me as well.


  15. I can understand that finishing your niece's dress is a big relief. I'll be checking Mood Network tomorrow - can't wait to see the finished garment. Your wardrobe looks impressive in the pictures. Enjoy your relaxed sewing now!

  16. Carolyn you will love V7975. I've made 7 jackets from this pattern so with some adjustments it has become a true TNT. I'm a plus size and the shoulder princess seaming makes alterations easy peasy. Loved the prom dress for your niece but also understand the stress involved in sewing for others. I sewed professionally for many years and am now enjoying retirement and sewing only for me and those I choose to sew for.

  17. Great that the prom dress turned out well and I know that is a big relief to be done with that. I look forward to the tnt journey with the jacket pattern-not boring at all to those of us that also have to put a lot of time in getting the pattern adjusted so let us follow along when you can.

  18. congrats on finishing that dress in time, I am sure she looks beautiful. I am happy to hear you are making a jacket (or several) you know I love tailored pieces.

  19. Congrats on finishing the dress on time. It is going to look glam on her; the previews indicated that.

    I am certainly going to be reading your progress on jacket making. I know you will have several lovely jackets to add to your wardrobe when all is said and done.

  20. Good to hear all went well with your niece's prom dress and looking forward to the reveal... which I am sure is going to be stunning.

    Also looking forward to your jacket venture. I love jackets seriously love jackets, but have avoided sewing them after my last debacle. To soothe me I went on a jacket binge and ordered 14 new jackets for Spring & Summer.

    Hoping that by Fall/Winter & your inspiration, I will be ready to return to sewing jackets.

  21. Your niece's prom dress is amazing! And I know how stressful such a high-octane-must-be-perfect outfit for an occasion can be. But the lace and silk were beautiful and the dress was gorgeous. I have that jacket pattern in my stash, too, and have never made it up. I'm off to read the 50 reviews to see all the different pics. Isn't that why PR is great? All the photos of the same garment in one place. Enjoy your wallowing three months. Wallowing in your workshop sounds like soul food. :)

  22. Carolyn, I have never posted a comment before but I read your blog religiously. I am a wanna-be sewer, really. Mostly home-dec pieces - and one (yes one) skirt -ever. I am posting today because again I am struck by how much respect I have for you and yes, your sewing (amazing) but also your communication abilities. Thanks for blogging. Your photo grid today, also amazing. But especially appreciated your thoughts on how sewing servers (calms) and stresses (your desire to share - which can over-extend you). Anyway, I think you are most talented! Thank you for sharing!

  23. This will be fun looking for your future posts about V7975. I have the same pattern and a ton of fabric to use, I just need the perfect inspiration from your blog...

    in Southeastern WI

  24. Carolyn, that prom gown was amazing- just beautiful! Before I even read this post, I knew you must be tired and relieved - and joyful over the creation of that gown.

    I look forward to following along with your summer sewing!


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