Friday, January 10, 2014

More fabric, more fabric and even more fabric

Yeah I know y'all are tired of me and the fabric tales but I have got to share this one with you!  It won't be for everyone but if you are a fashionista and still have a little Christmas cash burning a hole in your pocket, think about this...

I've bought some choice pieces from Elliott Berman which have made some amazing garments.  Does anyone remember this Versace inspired dress? It was made with a beautiful navy wool knit from Elliott Berman in 2011.

...or these cardigans from Burda 8869...

All from Elliott Berman fabric...which btw doesn't seem to linger in the collection long.  I have a piece or two still remaining, must remember to use them because they are stunning pieces.  However, I did order three yards of that amazing Milly fabric in the black and white lace wool silk gazar.

I'd actually seen those garments on the interwebs and finding a piece of fabric like that was in the back of my when the email came through it took me about 30 minutes to decide to purchase the three yards I would need to make my own version of a Milly dress.

But can I tell you that I had a really hard time not purchasing one of their "Deals of the Day"!  My keyboard had to be wiped down from all the drooling going on with those amazing bargains.  Some are a little pricey, yes, but the fabric is top shelf quality goods.  I've bought from Elliott Berman both from their showroom and online and the customer service is fabulous either way...just wanted to share these finds with you!

+ + + + +

The "Polar Vortex" visited my corner of the world this week and I realized one thing...I am woefully lacking in pants especially if this is going to be a colder winter than the last couple.  So along with working on alterations to my Simplicity 3833 sew-along dress, I have a couple of pairs of pants in the works.  

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the plaid matching for a pair that are almost finished.  I have two more pairs that I want to make that will suspend the Crazy 8 wardrobe sewing for just a minute.

It's Friday and I'm just waiting for the minutes to tick by so that I can go home and spend quality time in the sewing cave because my mojo is in high gear! always more later!


  1. Eep! That is gorgeous! I'm looking away right now cause I don't have the time to sew but MAN, that is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Carolyn, you have a penchant for picking the best prints! Just fabulous.

  3. That Milly dress will be fan-tastic!

    You know when the mojo is high, you have to take full advantage :)

    In my neck of the woods, it was -24 degrees Monday morning. Tomorrow's expected high of 35 may as well be 80 degrees. I am overly excited for a 35 degree day!

  4. EB's entire store is just one gorgeous fabric after another. I've been spending more of my fabric dollars there lately, too.

  5. Beautiful fabric purchase! I can't imagine how cold it is in your area. Hope the sewing gods are with you over the weekend :)

  6. I understand completely. I think you were very restrained. Stay warm, in this part of the world the temperature is going the other way very hot and humid. have a fun weekend sewing

  7. That black and white piece had me salivating but ultimately I passed. I need some fabulous fabric for a June wedding in California in Ojai, It will be hot so I didn't think that wool and silk was going to work. Let me know what you think when you get it.

  8. Ah yes, the vortex. It was -20 and both my cars doors and locks were iced shut. My son had to crawl through the trunk and back seats to get the car started so we could melt the ice. May the vortex never show it's face around here again! Your fabric is beautiful and I'm going to go wipe the keyboard down now. Have a great sewing weekend. I'll be sewing and fighting the floods. Gotta love New England weather.

  9. I love the fabric that you picked. I am being really good because I didn't give in when I was checking out the website. I'm coming to NYC in the spring and EB is on my list to visit.

    1. Oh you have to let me know when you come! We've been talking for forever and never met IRL. I would love to meet up!

  10. cool blog, nice post!!!

  11. Beautiful fabric. I really love the green and black print. On my side of the world, Western Australia, we are having very, very hot weather. Forecast for today in Perth is 44 degrees. That's celsius/centigrade not farenheit. Pity we can't merge our climates to a nice middling ground. :-)

  12. Don't you love it when your Mojo is in high gear! Have fun! I am having fun watching what you are putting together! Cheers! Evelyn

  13. That Milly floral is killing me... my lifestyle does NOT fit that fabric, but man... I wish it did!!!

  14. The Polar Vortex visited me as well. I live in Philly and boy was it cold! The only good thing about it being the temperature is that I get to have lots of time with my sewing machine!


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