Thursday, January 23, 2014

It was a good weekend...

It was a good weekend ~
Even though I was invaded by grandchildren and my nieces and nephews...

Snow Day~
...and had to deal with 13" of snow on Tuesday...which allowed me to stay home and sew another pair of pants...

This was the first six inches of snow...

Holiday Weekend Sewing ~

These are the pieces I finished during the MLK weekend...

Grey wool crepe pinstripe lined dress, navy wool crepe lined dress
Gray wool crepe pinstripe pants, navy wool crepe 4 gore lined skirt

...and this dress shell...which until I put it on Lulu...I was so on the fence about that I was going to rework the front.  I'm liking it a little better now.  I will finish it up this weekend.

Anyway, I know it's hard to imagine how these pieces will look on me, so pics of me in the garments soon!  Along with a little conversation about why I chose to use these fabrics, sew these pieces and what is driving my sewing now. always more later!


  1. Some useful pieces there. Pinstripes always look professional. I have a 3 day weekend coming up and hope to get some work clothes done. My last week of holidays when I planned to get more done, my mum broke her hip so I spent the week with her. Doesn't always go to plan.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely MLK day.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend (though I am sure you could have done without the snow). Family and sewing - perfect. Love the items you made and am waiting to see them on you.

  4. how many people does that sweet little dollie have wrapped around her too-adorable finger?

    good heavens...I'd be a mushcake with those eyes looking at me!

    your new pieces are beautiful!

  5. Family, sewing and snow to keep you inside, what could be better :)

  6. I like your basics you are currently working on, and children in the sewing room to soak up creativity and spark the sewing flame make it even better. Flame that little spark in her eyes, if you can.....

  7. Happy family around the table, sewing up a storm... exactly the sort of things to keep winter doldrums away, even with the dumping we got this last week!

  8. How will you accessorize the cream dress? I'm seeing a small-sized high contrast scarf that has your best killer colors tied at your neck and a jacket that pulls from the scarf so let's see what happens, Knock it out of the park, Carolyn! I've been doing basics so long I think it might have eaten my muse. Maybe.

  9. I love all those dresses and pants. I can't wait to see them on you. I love the idea of snow as I am melting in humidity. A beautiful family , adorable.

  10. Beautiful family. Plus a day off to sew, it WAS a good weekend. Happy sewing

  11. Wow! You were super woman that weekend! Sewed all that and entertained little ones too! Although, I would have been happy sitting at that table with those adorable children too, if I could have a slice of that pizza!!

  12. Gorgeous kids, you are blessed. Great progress on the sewing too. If this isn't pants weather I don't know what is.

  13. So productive! I've been in a bit of sewing slump lately, but I think I finally kicked it this weekend. Filling the more basic wardrobe holes isn't exciting, but I will be glad to have easy tops I can reach for in the closet.

  14. Very productive weekend for you. I liked your post on sewing basics. Right now I am into sewing tops-for work and for casual. I wear a lot of skirts and tops or pants and tops. I was finding that I was wearing some of my tops over and over; needed to change it up with those basic skirts/pants.


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