Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Burda Style Webinar ~ Learning to Fit Using a TNT Pattern

Join me on Thursday, July 24th at 11am EST for a 60 minute seminar on "How to Fit Using Your Tried 'n True Patterns."  To register for the seminar, please check out this link.

I posted this to my Instagram Account yesterday and there was a question raised about the seminar being held during work hours ~ at least here in the US. After checking with the wonderful Burda Style coordinator, who helped me set up my training session and was awesome to work with, she assured me that if you sign up for the training and don't attend in real time, will receive a recording of the seminar.  

So I truly hope that if you want to go even more in-depth on fitting with your TNT pattern, that you will sign up for the seminar.

...as always more later!


  1. Fantastic! I'm signed up. You are such a great teacher.

  2. Great! Off to sign up now. . .

  3. Great Carolyn! I will sign up and view later!

  4. Me again, on the Burda Style website the date is shown as Monday, July 24. July 24 is a Thursday. You may want to follow up with the folks at Burda Style to change this.

  5. Bravo to you. Hope you get to reach an even greater audience with your inspiration and useful advice.

  6. Oops, tried to leave a comment and it disappeared. Congrats on your webinar! You'll make an excellent teacher and no are taking on a topic in which you are indeed quite the expert on. It's fun to be able to share your knowledge with others. I'll be teaching my 5th one in August and am excited as well. I wish you all the best:)


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