Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Curvy Sewing Collective

I am so thrilled with the curvy sewists who came up with this idea and then made it happen!  Check it out here!

Finally there's a place that caters to the curvy and plus size sewist helmed by these amazing sewists:

Jenny, who authors the blog, Cashmerette
Mary, who authors the blog, Idle Fancy
Tanya, who authors the blog, Tanyamaile
Mary N., who authors the blog,Young Broke & Fabulous
T., who authors the blog, uandmii
Sophie Lee, who authors the blog, tworandomwords
Laurence, who authors the blog, QuirkyPrettyCute

The Curvy Sewing Collective website is planned to be a one-stop resource for curvy sewists, covering topics such as pattern reviews for curvy figures, tutorials on common fitting adjustments, body confidence and positivity articles, and inspiration from the sewing world and beyond.  Future topics include a wrap dress sew along, swimsuit tips and confidence and even...bra-making!  It's open for all sewists and folks who want to contribute to the community: there are forums for discussion, and sewists interested in contributing posts can submit ideas to

In the spirit of full discretion, I am and will continue to be a contributor to the site. I truly hope that you'll surf on over and check it out! There is even a free giveaway of the latest Colette pattern! always more later!


  1. I love it already! Real clothes that real women can wear in the real world. So inspiring.

  2. Holy moley! I gotta get my ideas together and make my pitch for this! Wow! Thanks! Also excited about your Burda class; it's all going on with you these days!

  3. Glad you will be contributing your voice!!

  4. Thanks. I'm heading over now.

  5. I'll echo that I'm glad you are contributing your voice. I like the site, the vision ... but I'm feeling that some more experienced advice is needed. I read some of the posts and felt that while the "hows" are there, the "whys" aren't. I don't want to sound negative ... it's more of a constructive criticism thing that isn't coming out correctly here in this comment. :-) I'm hopeful that the site will grow and the "whys" will come.

    1. I totally understand what you're saying. Although to give the ladies credit I know that they did ask some more experienced sewists to get involved, but for various reasons they didn't.

    2. Thanks for the additional info. That's good to know ... but, darn ... I wish more had said yes. Still, you did, and for that we will all be enriched.

    3. Hey ladies - Jenny here from the CSC! We would love to have more experienced curvy sewists contributing, so if you know any, please pass on the invite. In the meantime we've had a fabulous start - over 30,000 visits last week - and had such a lovely reception in the comments, it's been very encouraging :) Thanks for the mention, Carolyn!

  6. Love the Curvy Collective - and thrilled that you are contributing! Even though I am more up and down than curvy (due to lack of waist) I have plenty of bulges that masquerade as curves and it's great to see things on the not-so-slim. Looking forward to learning from you in as many places as possible!


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