Thursday, October 30, 2014

Best Sewing Blogs of 2015

Earlier this year, Madalynne published a list of The Best Bloggers of 2014. There was much discussion about that list.  Hey I even weighed in and it's my most viewed post evah.  So Madalynne is back at it, this time looking for the Best Sewing Blogs of 2015.  

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Here are the categories:
  • Most Inspirational
  • Sew Jo Boosting
  • Best Tutorials
  • Best Knitting
  • Up and Coming
  • Vintage Inspired
  • Best Basics
  • Funniest
  • Fastest
  • Best Mom Blog
  • Best Guy Blog
  • Blogger You'd Most Like to Meet
  • Best Indie Pattern Company
  • Best International Blog
  • Best New Blogger
  • Best Curvy or Plus Size Blogger
  • Best Pattern Making Blog
  • Best Couture Blog
  • Best Textile Arts
  • Best Bra Maker
  • Best over 30 Blogger 
  • Makes You Want to be a Better Sewer
  • Sewing As An Art

A really wide range is represented here. Madalynne has opened the voting up to anyone who wants to participate. The information on how to cast your vote(s) and when the vote(s) are due are here. 

I think Madalynne has really made an effort to reach out and encompass the entire sewing community ~ so vote! If we all vote, then the list will be reflective of how the sewing community feels about our sewing brothers and sisters.

This sewist is heading over to vote! always more later!


  1. Best 'over 30'? I'm amused that that is the demographic split.

    1. She does have a disclaimer and an apology regarding that category. You should read her blog post. Though I'm so far past 30, it didn't even register with me! *LOL*

  2. Carolyn, just wanted to stop by and compliment you on the great article in VPM!! I really enjoyed that issue, especially your article and Sharon's Star Blogger feature!

  3. I would love to see your previous post on this. I must have missed it.I'm reading the list from last time with my face all balled up lol.

    1. Adrienne - it's my Top Ten Sewing Blogs and the link is in popular posts on the side bar.

  4. Hmmm. These categories have my brain a-buzzing.
    Thanks for the heads up Carolyn.


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