Thursday, October 09, 2014

McCalls 6988 - Pattern Alterations

The pattern alterations for this pattern weren't very extensive but then again I did start with my TNT dress pattern to make them.  I also only made changes to the front pattern pieces since I decided to use my back pattern pieces for the back of the dress.

Here are the alterations I made:

Yoke front:
This piece was sliced from  the bottom to the top and spread 
1.25" at the bottom.  I used pattern paper from Dick Blick 
to hold the pattern alteration.**

Side Front:
~ Added 2" to the bottom of the piece
~ Added 1" to the side waist area
I also added an inch to the top of the side front piece but 
I later removed it because I didn't need it.

Center Front Piece:

~ Added 1" to the center front
~ Added 2" to the bottom of the piece

That was the extent of the pattern alterations. Once I cut the fabric out and laid it out on the cutting table, I could see how the alterations worked.  

I'm really thrilled with how this dress is turning out and will have finished shots of it next weekend. always more later!

**You can also get the tracing paper at Amazon.


  1. I love that paper, I buy the widest, longest rolls I can find. Pretty much anyplace with a college and a bookstore for that college will carry this stuff. Also handy for sewing ultralightweight stuff - I cut/tear a strip, sew over that and rip it off. The needleholes perforate it enough and it's crispy enough not to shred.

  2. Looks like this is going to be another corker.I can't wait to see it! Rachel ☺

  3. Me too, you always puck such great combinations of fabric. xx

  4. Didn't realise you could buy that sort of pattern paper. Thanks for the heads up. So satisfying when you adjust something to fit properly. And I love the way you blocked that dress :-)

  5. I am liking the look of this dress!

  6. Just pinned the paper link to my pattern board on Pinterest. Thanks, Carolyn. Dress is looking good.

  7. Can't wait to see the finished result!

  8. What a great combination! I really can't wait to see this all finished. Your creativity never ceases to amaze!!!

  9. This is sure to be another really awesome shape and color combo! Can't wait to see it on you. Very inspiring!

  10. Love the fabric combo. I look forward to seeing the end result.

  11. This dress is turning out really well! I remember when I was getting into sewing and asking my mom for help and she'd give me advice. She said that anyone with the right tools and patterns can make masterpieces. I agree with what she said and would add that experience also helps! If you have all those things then nothing can stand in your way. Thanks for the pictures.


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