Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I'm Not Having Enough Fun Yet

What do I mean by this? I'm gonna start at the beginning...see I'm still eating soft food and frozen yogurt is a favorite.  My all time favorite frozen yogurt joint is Pinkberry.  I loves me some Pinkberry.  When I moved to the Herald Square area I thought I would nevah have Pinkberry again until I googled it and found out that there's a Pinkberry in Macy's.  Yeap on the 7th floor between Women's and Children's - Pinkberry.

Normally, I use the 33rd Street & Seventh Avenue side door, slide into the elevators and make it down the main aisle to Pinkberry. Gotta have my frozen yogurt crack...but today I decided that I wanted to ride the escalator up to the 7th floor cause I didn't want to rush back to work. Y'know sometimes you just need a minute...

So on the third floor, the Vince Camuto shop caught my eye and I stepped off. Then I wandered around headed for the INC department but this stopped me in my tracks...

...so I stepped into the Rachel Rachel Roy shop and just gazed in awe at the beauties.  The garments were so cool, yet casual and perfect for my new lifestyle that I realized, I'm still not having enough fun with my wardrobe yet.

See in my head, I've known that I've wanted to use some of my corporate menswear fabrics from my fabric collection in cool and funky ways. In Rachel Roy's shop there were quite a few pieces like that and I want to make my own versions of them. The one above uses a menswear plaid for the bodice, a striped shirting for the skirt and sheer fabric for the rest of it.  IF I made it exactly like this, I would wear leggings (my new favorite piece of clothing) under it.

Then there was this one ~

It's a sweater knit top with a plaid shirting attached to it at the waistline. I have a few sweaters that I was wondering what to do with them and now I know the fate of at least one of them!  Of course my dress will be a little longer in the front worn with some tights...but isn't this just funky and kewl!?!

This is a dress on the website but when I picked it up I thought cool tunic!

Made from a neoprene or a ponte with lots of topstitching. Add a cool zipper/zipper pull with some sleeves to wear over a pair of slim pants or some leggings...yes! I even love the burnt orange color.

I could have wandered around for another hour or two, because I saw a faux leather tunic with a suede pocket, a black 'n white asymmetric top from a lightweight ponte with a zipper inserted at the hemline on an angle and loads of floaty tops.  However...Pinkberry was calling!

As I rode the escalator to 7, I realized that I'm being pedantic about sewing new pieces. I still haven't grasped that I can sew "creative" casual clothing...that just because my fellow employees embrace the jean/tshirt or jean/plaid shirt look, it doesn't mean that I have to also...especially because it just doesn't feel like me.

BTW, I did stop and speak to the saleswoman to check on sizing.  Rachel Roy doesn't presently have a plus size line but the saleswoman said that RR is working on one. Even though these aren't pricey goods, I couldn't purchase them if I wanted to!  Sewing my own versions is the only way to get them!

Now I have some more direction...some new inspiration and later this month some time off to do a little sewing...and I Can't Wait!!!

...as always more later!


  1. Those are some great ideas for the corporate/mens fabrics. I do have plenty of those hanging around with nothing to do. I'm off to take a look at these designers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your excitement is infectious. I think we sewers need to get into clothes shops sometimes for some inspiration. I hardly ever go shopping now I make everything I wear, but when I do it's all about inspiration and checking out how things are made! I need to do it again soon, especially with the seasons changing. I look forward to seeing your new look.

  3. Those dresses really do look like FUN especially the sweater knit/shirting combo.

  4. You picked some great pieces. They remind me of Carven. Last year, Carven put out an identical sweater dress with a shirt bottom in silk and super soft wool.

  5. Oh I can't wait to see what you come up with either....have fun!

  6. A bit of an "aha" moment? I think you will be having lots of fun with those inspirations!

  7. Looks like your "mojo" got turned on... the last picture of the shirttail like dress looks like the refashioning thats been going on for a while. Where you take a man's shirt and remake/refashion it into whatever dress or shirt etc you want. Great way to recycle the neat shirts out there.

  8. I stopped and looked at Rachel Roy's stuff when I was in Macy's recently, too! She has some great pieces. I tool pix for inspiration! Side note: You accidentally referred to as Rachel "Ray" in one of the paragraphs above.... Side, side note... wasn't that explosion on West 38th crazy last week? Were you nearby?

    1. I know I reread the blog post this morning and thought I need to fix that! *LOL* One cooks - one designs, definitely not the same person! The explosion was off the chain - it seemed like there were sirens for hours! Definitely scary!!!

  9. nice pics - at work my co-workers and even my team dress in jeans and shirts or khaki's and nice shirts - that is just to casual and plain for me so I sew and wear whatever inspires me at this point. Something seen in a mag, tv, or in a store for me anything goes. I do meet clients but I am not so "off the chain" that someone would say wtf is she wearing ha ha or maybe they would

  10. Much of RTW does not fit me either but it often does provide me with inspiration. Love all of the pieces you selected.

  11. Thanks for sharing your snoop shopping finds. It is inspiring! Karen

  12. I love your attitude C. More fun is the way to go at workplaces where you can wear business casual. There are some exciting ideas here, especially your final point that the only way to get these clothes is to make them.

  13. Carolyn, I didn't think I could love your style more but now I do! This fits my lifestyle perfectly and I get such inspiration from your posts.

  14. I think you're absolutely correct! Good luck with your new direction.

  15. Your transformation is amazing. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Standing by for the next chapter!

  16. Since you look so fabulous in leggings and are wearing them, I just wondered if you tried the legging pattern McCall's 6173 yet. I think I've used this pattern 2 dozen times from XSM to XLG for family, friends, friends of friends. It is very easy to tweak the fit as needed and fast to sew on the serger The hardest thing for me with this pattern was actually finding the right fabric. It needs to be stretchy enough, not see-through or too thin, and not shiny like swimwear. It's really nice to see your whole wardrobe change in a different direction. Thanks for sharing on your blog.


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