Sunday, December 06, 2015

Now that it's December...

In the midst of posting sewing vacay makes, I thought I should share a few other things. 

Pattern Giveaways ~
The first thing is the makes from the pattern giveaways. I'm horrible at going to the post office so it's amazing that I sent both of these patterns out in a timely fashion. *LOL*

The first pattern winner was Graca, who blogs at Sew Essentially Sew.

I think she made this up as soon as it arrived and I love her fabric choice.  You can read all about her top in this blog post. Cool right?! It's making me think I should revisit this pattern myself!

The second pattern winner was Brenna who won not only the Cashmerette Appleton dress pattern but the fabric that accompanied the kit.  After only one email prodding, I got the pattern and fabric mailed to her.

Not two weeks later she sent me pics of the completed dress! I think the amazing thing is that Brenna is not plus sized and the dress looks awesome on her...which speaks to the wonderful size range of Jenny's patterns.

And as a small plug for Jenny, she recently released the Washington Dress. There are kits as well as the printed pattern available here on her site. BTW, my pattern just arrived in the mail and I think I've thought up a way to use it for my new it will probably show up here in the beginning of the new year. Gotta use that Christmas vacay wisely!

Comments in Posts ~
I want to thank everyone who leaves a comment on a post! I so appreciate it especially since blog commenting seems to be down on ALL blogs. I'm trying to be better at replying to questions and just saying something because YOU did take the time to write. So check back if you asked a question, I've probably answered it in the blog post...and I promise to get better at answering/replying!

BurdaStyle Best of Blogging List ~
Last but not least I found out that I made the 2015 Best of Blogging List on BurdaStyle. What?! I checked that list a couple of times to make sure that they really meant me! hahahahahaha! But every time I went back my name was still there so I guess I really should give that Oscar speech I've been practicing like forevah!

I'm gonna be honest ~ these acknowledgements always make me a little nervous. While I'm absolutely over the moon thrilled that so many sewists thought enough of my work to not only nominate me but then vote for me ~ its mind blowing! However, I always think of the sewists who weren't nominated who also do amazing work and never seem to be mentioned in these lists. So I want to share this with all sewists working in their sewing rooms/areas, working out their creative dreams or just learning how to sew and falling in love with and becoming obsessed with this craft we all love!

This is totally said tongue in check - Wait! What the music is swelling?  Okay so I want to thank my grandmother, who taught me to sew!  My mother who gave me my first sewing machine and encouraged this obsession! My sewing pals in NYC - the ones who called to make sure I was okay after the emergency and who are always there for me - you know who you are! My bestest sewing friend EVAH who flew from another coast to share my birthday with me...and of course I can't forget my Janome Memory Craft 8900 QCP sewing machine, my Babylock Imagine serger without you I couldn't create and finally a shout-out to my fabric collection! Without you there would be nothing to sew...(that last part said in a rushed, excited, louder than usual voice - cause I gotta talk over that swelling music!)

Seriously folks - THANK YOU!

...and as always more later!


  1. I totally enjoy your blog and am not at all surprised that you are part of a "best of" list. I'm wondering who YOUR best of blogger list would include? Maybe you'll share that with us soon.

  2. hahaha! That was cute! Congrats on making the list; but of course you would!!!

    The winners look mighty good in their 'makes'!

  3. Loved your acceptance speech. I'm so glad to have found your blog.

  4. Congratulations on making the list! You're one of my blogging role models.

  5. Congrats!!! You so deserve the award. Love the speech! The dozens of roses will be arriving soon! Enjoy...

  6. At this awards ceremony, your orchestra NEVER bumrushes you off your stage. And you never stumble on the stairs. Well deserved applause!

  7. LOL. Congrats, Carolyn! Your blog means a lot to your blog readers!

  8. Congratulations on making that list. I think you deserve it! I really enjoy your blog. I rarely comment but this news deserved a comment! Congrats again.

  9. Congrats! I love the acceptance speech. lol

    1. Yeah I kinda name dropped in it calling out my sewing machines like that I knew y'all would understand!

  10. Wow, congratulations for making this year’s Burda’s list! That must’ve been an awesome achievement! I learn a lot from your blog and enjoy reading about your creations (apart from the site of my friend, she might get jealous!).


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