Sunday, May 01, 2016

May Day

It's been raining here all day and it's cold & damp.  The weather is predicted to be that way all week so I won't really feel like wearing light summery dresses although light & summery dresses are all I want to sew.  I'm just that sewist who likes to make garments that I can wear the next day. Which always makes sewing out of season a pain...

I did finish a version of one of my Adri patterns with a twist of my own. However, the weather is so icky that there were no pictures this weekend. Hopefully some next weekend...though next weekend is Mother's Day weekend so who knows?

Also, I decided that I just didn't like the sleeves on my last ponte dress so I removed them.  The dress wears better with a cardigan without sleeves so they had to go.

I've also been on a tear to find inspiration for a denim dress.  I have a piece of lightweight denim set aside to make a shirtdress but I'm not ready to make it now. I really want a denim shift dress that I can wear on these cooler spring days.

Here are some of the inspiration pics I found on Pinterest ~

This silhouette is similar to the Sewn Go Anywhere Dress

So I've pulled some denim remnants from the collection to work on a denim dress. This is what's on my cutting table right now.

I hope you had a more productive weekend than I did and since next weekend is Mother's Day, I'm not sure how much sewing I will get done.  Then again you never know! always more later!


  1. Oh, I absolutely love your yellow floral dress; I have a real soft spot for sunny yellow. How lovely it will be when the weather fines up and the sun shines. Looking forward to seeing what you do with denim - I also have a lightweight denim piece waiting to become, possibly, a shirt dress.

  2. The first two denim dresses are pretty cute (the first makes me think of a technique where a gap is left in the seam, and a contrast shows). The third is just too straight up and down; denim has a lot of body but not drape, and it loves seams.
    Happy May Day!

  3. It is raining here, too, and I am sewing a summery floral to wear to a wedding next Saturday! Now you have piqued my interest in denim dresses. Yes, they would be great in spring and fall when the weather is so up and down. Off to Pinterest I go!!

  4. I love, love denim. My passion is skirts a dress would be a nice change. I have tried my hand at sewing jeans. I may try another pair. Maybe.........Have a great day!

  5. Love these dresses! I see that first denim dress as a top-and I want! So I guess I'll be sewing denim soon. LOL Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. ooooo! I like that first denim dress. That looks fun.

  7. That first denim dress is so cute!

  8. That's a lovely print, and works perfectly in that pattern making! Love your photos!

  9. I like your denim inspirations, great to see what you come up with.

  10. I love these inspiration pieces. The tucks are a lovely detail. That middle dress is perfect for using the Sewn Dress. I have recently cut out 3 new patterns in good fabric. today I ordered metallic linen to make a dress for our cruise. Now I just need to be disciplined and get them made. g


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