Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Quick Note...

I've been thinking about this for awhile and was spurred to write this post after a comment left about giving out sites for assistance with Hurricane Harvey. To whomever left the comment, please don't be offended because I'm not upset that you left the comment.  It actually moved me to post something on Instagram and to start a series of my own donations.

However, almost all of us have some other social media outlets, be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that keeps us updated or bombarded daily with the news of the world. And lately the news within my own country honestly scares the shit out of me.

Many readers who come here daily don't share my political views or even understand how my race affects how I process what's happening around me. AND I've come to the conclusion, that there doesn't to seem to be much changing of opinions seems we are living in a "us" or "them" society, a "morally right" or "morally wrong" society...that there is a great divide in this country that I really don't know how it will be breached.

So I'm saying this to say, that this is my last post about politics, current events, or anything much besides sewing on my blog. I need a safe place from the craziness of my country and the world. I need a place where I don't have to know if you voted for 45 and if you hate black/brown/muslim/LGBT people. I don't want to have to look at you cockeyed as you excuse the "craziness" and the moral ineptitude of the leader of the United States. I don't wanna...

I'm also closing the comments because I just don't want to discuss this and I would appreciate you not leaving comments about such on any other posts because they will be deleted.  My blog/my home so my rules. For once I will even be monitoring bloglovin.  Comments there will also be deleted. There just seems to be very little respect for one another in America now and it saddens me greatly.

Because lets face it, we all seem to come together in times of crisis, but the flood waters will recede from Houston. The rest of the country will move on and Houstonians will continue to deal with the effect of the Hurricane for months and years to come, think Katrina and the people in Louisiana who still deal with it. We Americans will move on to whatever happens next still a very divided nation.

Now I know this sounds cynical but until you have to worry about your children being stopped by the police and killed for driving while black.  Or until you have to listen to your baby cry because he or she has been called names or told to go back to Mexico at school.  Until you have to worry if your gay or transgendered child will be kicked out of the Armed Services, or if your friends will have health care because the Affordable Care Act is being destroyed...let's not even talk about clean air or global warming...or the many other programs that are being dismantled by this administration...until the madness stops...this is a sewing site only.

September is National Sewing Month, so I will be kicking off a month of celebrating sewing...the one thing that binds all of us who visit here together. So sewing will be the focus going forward and I hope you will swing back by to celebrate it and our artform then. always more later!


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