Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wide Legged Challis Pants + A Concord Tee

I've wanted a pair of wide legged challis pants for quite some time. Because every once in awhile during the summer, I want to wear a pair of pants. In my former life, I would make a pair of linen pants every summer but they seem a little too formal for where I am now, well the way I use to make them. I've had so many clothing needs since changing jobs that I'm just getting around to thinking about pants.

Now I don't wear a lot of pants in the summer. Just every once in awhile I wake up and don't want to wear a dress or skirt and jeans just don't cut it for me when it's really hot.

Materials ~
The pattern is my TNT pants pattern. I've made some adjustments to my pants pattern and I've got a muslin made but nothing wearable yet. However, I thought I would start with it this time because I'm not looking for a fitted garment.

The fabric is a rayon challis from Fabric Mart purchased for these pants. The elastic is the remaining bit of Dritz Stretch elastic that I've been hoarding since it's no longer being made.

Construction ~
I knew that I only wanted the extra width in the leg area so I added width from the hip area down on my pattern.  I freehanded the addition of the extra space, adding it to both the front and back pattern pieces. Since they were going to be wide I knew I didn't have to worry about being precise and just went for it.

Now this is definitely a don't do as I do moment! *LOL* You should measure and add the proper amount to both sides.  However, this worked for me since I was only trying to get a quickie pair of pants.

The legs were serge finished and construction was quick.  I've made this pattern quite a few times now so there were no issues. After a quick try on to make sure the legs were wide enough, I added the elastic to the waistline.

Then the pants were tried on for hem length. Now while I know that I should hem them a little higher I really like the extra length on these especially with heels.

I'm wearing them with my black concord t-shirt from this post. I decided to just remove the ruffle and hem it especially since it works so well with these pants. I'm loving this look because its just what I wanted...relaxed...comfortable and casual...yet sophisticated.

A few more pictures ~

However, I do need to adjust the waistline so that I can make these as a pair of elastic waist pants...but that's for another day!

If you're interested in making a pair of your own...this pattern is on my "to buy" list...

...or a pattern for a pair in a knit fabric...

Next up on the cutting table is The Marilyn Dress from StyleArc Patterns using a Telio Denim Border Print.

Parting Shot ~ always more later!


  1. The pants are lovely, and the perfect kind of Summer pant. I live in a climate with 10 months of hot Summer, wearing cool dresses much of the year. Like you, always have had white linen pants which serve me well, and also like pants similar to these, very lightweight in a print and the wide leg is a must. I have worn them in Dubai in 42degC, with a loose linen shirt.

  2. Lovely pants! I think you achieved a nice fit with the added width for the wide leg look.

  3. They look fabulous! I love rayon challis pants in the summer- so cool!

  4. Carolyn,
    I don't comment often but read your blog every time you post. I just had to chime in today to say these pants are stunning on you! The entire look is perfect and it is obvious from your photos that you feel great in it. You are beaming. FWIW I think the length is perfect. The mistake I think people make when styling wide leg pants is to make them too short. I also wanted to add the the New Look dresses have been fantastic. It appears you are in the groove in your sewing this summer.

    1. Thanks Peggy and I do feel like I've finally hit my sewing groove too. I appreciate you noticing, the comment and for you continuing to read my blog!

  5. Nice job on your wide-legged pants. Rayon challis is my 'go to' summer fabric.

  6. Great pants Carolyn!!! They look amazing on you! Pants are lacking in my me made wardrobe and you've inspired me to get started!

  7. These are slimming and sophisticated! Love this direction you are going!

  8. This is a great look on you can I bet you can carry it into fall with a great topper! And I love that you reused your Concord tee. It looks great, too!

  9. Great job on the pants & I really like how you styled them. Simple & sophisticated!

  10. Carolyn, you hit this one out of the park! The look is great and I am loving the neckline on the Tee shirt with the great pants. The whole thing is elegant dressing in sheer comfort. I am heading up to check out my stash for a nice big chunk of rayon challis...gotta make me some really wide leg pants and hope they look as good on me as yours do on you! Thanks for all the work that goes into writing a blog. It is always appreciated.

  11. You inspire me so much! I can't wait to start sewing again. Two and an half months to go...then Hello Bernina - nice to see you again!

  12. That is a great look. You look comfortable and classy.

  13. They're perfect! Including the length. I like when wide pants kiss the floor.

    Super cute!

  14. These wide leg pants look great on you!

  15. Wow! I love how your pants turned out. Perfect fabric you used, too.

  16. good job look so beautiful. i like your dress collection. Thank you so much for your wonderful post.

  17. Hi Carolyn! What is the pattern you based your pants TNT pattern on? Thanks :)

  18. I needs some Challis pants too!! Slack Jams Look Out!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Great looking outfit and now I need some printed wide leg pants in my life! They have the look of a skirt, but with the convenience of pants (this is not a groundbreaking statement I know!!)


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