Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Cashmerette Montrose Top

Originally I made this top to go with the shorter Simplicity wrap skirt which is coming to the blog soon.  After completing the top and trying it on with the skirt, I just looked like a big ole box.  Not the look I was going for.  When I put it on with a pair of jeans and a camisole it worked. The problem is that I don't wear jeans in the summer...AT...ALL!

Supply Info ~
2 yards of lace embroidered fabric from Metro Textiles purchased in 2014
1/4 yard of lace from the collection
1/4" purchased bias binding
1/8" white ribbon

Construction Info ~
For this Montrose top, I cut a size 24 right out of the envelope. I made two changes to the pattern.  One - I shortened the top at the lengthen/shorten lines. It's because I want it to hit the top of my skirt(s).  The second change was to the sleeves. I no longer just have fat biceps, I have fat upper arms.  So I used the wide bicep sleeve and instead of cutting it as the pattern suggests, I straightened the sleeve down to the elbow length line on both sides.

(Used the dark background to adequately showcase the fabric)

I used a size 70 needle to sew this top. The straight stitch foot and plate on my sewing machine and a very small stitch so that I was laying more thread in the seamlines.  This was necessary due to all of the lace in the fabric.

Since the fabric was so delicate and sheer, I added 1/8" ribbon trim to some of the openings. It just struck me that the fabric was sheerer than I wanted it to be.  Of course I didn't have any ribbon trim on hand so I had to make a Michaels run to purchase some. BTW I HATE that! LOL! I'm pretty anal about having all of my supplies together before starting a project.

Adding the ribbon took time because I had to thread it through all the openings and that got boring I added days to the construction of this essentially very easy to sew top. While the top pattern comes with a binding pattern piece, I used purchased double fold bias tape that was 1/4" wide. As an aside, this is from the collection and has a date of 1986 on it. Dayum that's old!

The sleeves were cut from a separate piece of lace from the collection that I honestly have no idea where it's from since I've cut on it before. It will go back on the shelves to wait it's turn to be an accent on a future garment since there is about a yard and a half left.

BTW, I didn't use the back loop and button closing. Gaylen made a version of this and when we were talking about it, she said she could put hers on without I left it off too. She was neckline ended up being very deep and the top slips on and off easily.

The final aspect of the project was to add the lace that bound the fabric to the hem of the top. Again a fiddly piece that took time but adds so much to the top. I think the finished project was worth all of the extra effort though.

A few pics ~

Wearing the top with a linen skirt that I made 
almost two decades ago!

Conclusion ~
I liked this top especially after I paired it with the right bottom. I will be adding more of these to my wardrobe because as usual Cashmerette Patterns fit all of my wardrobe needs.

Up next on the blog will be the Simplicity Wrap Skirts. always more later!


  1. SO pretty - and beautiful work as always.

    I'm increasingly a fan of Cashmerette too.

  2. Love this top and how you combined all the white and lace pieces. I ordered the pattern after you gave a glimpse of it earlier. Jean

  3. Beautiful job. I don't know the word for what I want to describe. You know how a shirt-tail hem goes? I was wondering how this would look with shirt tail hems added both front and back in something sort of float-y for summer, might be nice. You have great ideas with your fabrics.

  4. Love this top! Gorgeous fabric and the addition of ribbon takes it another level. Top looks good with this style skirt!

  5. That fabric is beautiful! Your vision for the finished top always amazes me! I think this one looks great with that skirt! Enjoy!

  6. It looks very pretty with the linen skirt. Cashmerette patterns are so amazing. I made this top also in a rayon and I am very happy with it. It's perfect for work, and as you mentioned, mine would have worked without that loop closure on the back. I may skip that part on my next one. Happy sewing!

  7. This top is so pretty! I love all the delicate details of the fabric. You used it in such a great way.

  8. Great job on your top! Very pretty! I'm with you on not wearing jeans AT ALL during the summer. Just way too warm!

  9. It fits wonderfully, great great top on you.

  10. You look fantastic! I too am a fan of Cashmerette and have made several Montrose's. I like the idea of doing a shirt tail for the bottom.

  11. I'm so happy to read your thoughts! I muslined this pattern and never went back. I really like the way your sleeve mod looks!

    1. I really like this pattern Gillian and am already working on my next one with a couple more planned! It may be this year’s Concord for me!

  12. Interesting comment about using a smaller stitch length with the lace to lay more thread down, I wouldn't have thought of this.

  13. I'm on my second Montrose, I love this pattern. I especially LOVE the full bicep sleeve included - why has no one done this before? Genius! I omitted the back closure also. The one I'm making now I cut from a knit, with lace sleeves. It's kind of a wearable muslin, I don't think I'll even put a facing on it. Love your lace version!

  14. Very nice! I have yet to purchase an Indie pattern, but now I'm thinking it won't be long before I do. I can't always find what I'm looking for with the Big 4. I love the lacy sleeves and overall layered look; just my style. :)

  15. Very pretty interesting to see your designing eye develop.

  16. Such a pretty top! Lovely work, as always :)

  17. Such a beauty, summery top! That fabric is gorgeous and it was interesting to read how you handled the delicacies of sewing it. Love this! :)

  18. This is a very pretty top. And you look lovely in it. Thanks for your description of working with the fabric.

  19. This is a lovely top and the linen skirt is a great match for it. I really like the mix textures of your fabric selection. It adds interest as well as dimensions to the styling of the top.

  20. I like this! Have you tried it on with a colored camisole underneath? I’m thinking the right underlayer would set off that lace And give you an option to greatly change the look. It would make that top seem like several in your closet.


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