Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Simplicity 8612 Wrap Skirt - Shorter Length

I knew when I made the first S8612 wrap skirt in the longer length that I would be making the shorter version too. So this version is made exactly as the first one except for one change I made to the pattern. I made separate pattern pieces for the right and left fronts.   

(wearing my birthday present necklace - thanks Marce!)

The right front is a size 34 and the left is a size 26. I wanted the underlap to cover my entire body when I sat down. It spreads a little too much on the longer version. But since the longer version has extra fabric it covers me when I sit down.

For this one, the length is just under my knees. I added one inch to the hemline of the pattern to lengthen it. I also made the ties differently than the pattern instructions. 

As I stated in the last post, the ties were a b*tch to turn. So for these ties, I pressed the seam allowance flat. For the end of the tie, I pressed it down in both directions, then cut diagonally across to remove the excess fabric, so the tie end would lay flat. Besides the length it's the only change I made. Then I stitched the tie flat all the way around before following the pattern instructions to attach it to the skirt.

The fabric for this make is a denim looking fabric I purchased from Fabric Mart's brick and mortar store during Sew Camp in March 2017. As an aside this is the third piece I've used from that purchase.

A Few Pics ~

Conclusion ~
Originally I was going to wear this with the Montrose Top but the two pieces just didn't work well together. So I went with plan B.  I wore it my white TNT sleeveless shirt.  I know it's basically the same look as the longer skirt but hey if it ain't broke why fix it. 

This is my favorite of the two skirts probably because I used a lighter weight fabric and the shorter length. I also like the way it wraps better.

I won't be using this pattern again this season.  Too many other things to sew and fabric to use.

...as always more later!



  1. I so enjoy reading about your makes. You and I are about the same age/taste/figure type, so what you like is a good indication of what I would like to sew. You give me so much inspiration! Take care and happy sewing.

  2. Adorable summer outfit!!!

  3. I like the skirt and the way the fabric drapes! Looks like it can go with a number of different tops as well :-)

    1. Since I have no discernable waist, it doesn't work with as many tops as I thought! But since that TNT sleeveless shirt is a favorite and I want to make more...I will probably end up with a few of them to wear with these wrap skirts.

  4. such a cute summer outfit, and love your coordinating shoes as well.

  5. The shorter version looks great on you too! I like it paired with the sleeveless tee.

  6. Love it! Great outfit and I love the cute, "easy-to-run-around-in" shoes, too!

  7. Hey Carolyn, you are doing a fantastic job with building you spring/summer wardrobe. I've got to catch up. ;-) Love you skirts.

  8. You look cool and comfy. As always I enjoy your blog and the inspiration you give.


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