Friday, June 29, 2018

The Baltimore Destash

Renee of MissCeliespants, posted this to Instagram and I was soooo in.

Cause honestly, I've reached fabric storage capacity and giving to this destash would provide me with a little (very little) relief.  At first I asked if I could just ship some fabric to her but y'all shipping is EXPENSIVE cause fabric is heavy! I did send my patterns ahead cause carting fabric and patterns on public transportation was a little more than I could handle.

Then I got with Gaylen because she wanted to attend too and it became a weekend!

I started out spending Thursday - Saturday night at the B&B with Gaylen and yet again if you haven't booked some days there or signed up for a SewCamp, what are you waiting for!?! LOL! I've been to the B&B in the winter and in the spring (cold and damp spring and a snow covered ground spring) but I've never been there in the summer.

Y'all I know why Gaylen left Seattle for PA.  It is stunningly beautiful in PA during the summer!  

There are acres and acres of farmland!

There are buggies driven by the Amish everywhere

Bridge on the road to Baltimore

Another buggy - different style

One more buggy - Sunday visiting

Okay enough about that cause I know y'all just wanna hear about the Destash! Well there were 55 women there who'd brought things from their own fabric/pattern/book & yarn collections.  All of the interesting details about how the Destash worked are here in Renee's post.

Me I was thrilled to meet up with some sewists I hadn't seen in a minute or some that I've talked to via email and social media for years but never met in person.  Then there were the lurkers (y'all know who you are! LOL!) that read my blog, that I also was thrilled to meet in person!

Gaylen and Towanda
(I've talked to Towanda via email/blogs/IG since 2001
and this is the first time we've met face to face!)

Robin Denning and myself
(Robin and I are old friends but this is the first time
I've seen her in about two years!)

Me and Towanda

Coralee, me and Gaylen
(Someone called us the "Three Amigos" and 
it does seem that way after the last Sew Camp)

Martha (IG: Garichild), me, Dee (IG: sewhotmommi) and Tee
I've followed Tee in blogland forever...and Martha well she's my fellow
Sewn Magazine sistah!

Renee, me, Tremayne
and Angela - IG: Ladyregister

Alexandra from Alexandrasews

Renee & Crystal, Renee, me and Crystal
Crystal and Tee and Najah and Crystal
(I stole this pic from Crystal's IG account)

This is just one part of the dinner crew
Gaylen, Jane, Sarah, Carly, Renee, Martha, me and Susie (?)
Okay I know that's not right. Please leave your name in the comments.
I'm so ashamed because I talked to you all afternoon! *hanging head*

Y'all dinner was everything.  We talked so much and so loudly at times that the other patrons looked at us! But it was sooooooo good! I'm thrilled that I got to spend time with you wonderful women!  

Finally, I was really good. I spent most of my time socializing rather than going through the fabric piles - except when I pulled some fabric for Dee (sewhotmommi) - so this is all I brought home from the Destash.

A vintage Vera Wang bridal pattern, a yard of knit fabric
The second edition of Fabulous Fit after mine was shared with someone else

Now in all honesty, I did bring some other fabric home - two pieces from Gaylen's stash and two amazing quilting cottons from Zooks Fabrics - all is pictured below.

A wool knit panel piece and a cotton print from Gaylen

Two quilting cottons from Zooks fabrics for sleeveless shirts

I love fabric and I'm not gonna lie and say that I'm never buying fabric again...however I am being more careful about what I add to the collection. The shirtings will get made either this summer or in the early fall.

It was a fabulous weekend full of friendship, love of fabric and all things sewing. I'm so grateful I was able to attend and highly encourage every sewist who can to attend an event like this...or make one happen in your area. always more later!


  1. This looks like so much fun! Thanks, Carolyn, for sharing a report and images of this terrific sewing meet-up!

  2. Wow! It does look like you all had a great time and I am so envious! One day, there will be something close to my area! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Oh boy could I use a destash in Boston! I've got fabric I'd love to weed but I don't want to just throw it away.

  4. That looks like so much fun! I wish they would have something on the west coast, maybe I'll have to start it! Looks like a good time by all!

  5. I admit I am a lurker:) Carolyn...thanks for putting me on blast Tremayne.

    1. Tremayne - I thought that was your name! Like Tremayne Hawkins one of my favorite gospel singers and I didnt mean to put you on blast, just wanted to make sure I remembered your name correctly! Also per our conversation, thank you for the comment and thank you again for reading. Oh and can I say again, did not mean to put you on blast! *smile*

  6. 55 sewers sounds like an amazing time! So much fun and can never beat meeting great sewing peeps in person!

  7. Lurker here, I am so jealous of this Destash. We need one in the Seattle area. Jean

  8. That all looks and sounds amazing!!! It makes me so happy that we can more and more of these local meetups happening, and that it's possible to see people again and again! :)

  9. Glad you shared photos of this. Seems like a good time for meeting up with old friends and making new ones, plus getting rid of and acquiring more fabric and patterns!!

  10. Love your roundup! And that pic of me with my honking huge bag. :D

    It was so cool to see you in person! Been reading your blog for years and years. :)

    1. It was cool to meet you too! That was one of the best things about the Destash, meeting other sewists!

  11. Hi Carolyn! This is Belinda (the tall lady on the pic with Dee). You really did show much self control at the Destash. My single cut of fabric eventually grew to 2 cuts of fabric before I left. I had such a good time meeting other sewing divas and I can’t wait until next year’s Destash, take care.

  12. Do you know if there will be a destash in 2019? The link you provided isn't working so I hope you will share any info you have!


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