Saturday, September 15, 2018

Winner of the BlackBird Fabrics Gift Card...

Sorry this is so late!  I was out all day with the grandkids and their Mother doing back to school prep!  Yes, I know it's late...but the schools opened lateR in our town this year!

Okay...and the winner is:

#86 Gayle

If you would kindly send me an email at cnorman underscore 98 at yahoo dot com with the subject line "Blackbird Fabrics Gift Card Winner" I will pass your information on to Caroline at Blackbird Fabrics.

Thank you to all who participated. If you didn't win the gift card, I hope you will still take a minute and visit Caroline's online store and shop! There are some great fabrics there!

The next gift card giveaway will be up on Monday! Oh there are two giftcard giveaways this look for them! More chances to win free fabric.



  1. Hi, Just wanted to point out that you posted on a 5-year old Joann's pattern sale thread on Joann's had a computer error that caused the higher priced patterns not to show up on sale. Since that 5-year old thread, Joanns has honored all the prices on patterns during the pattern sales. I think you might inadvertently cause a panic with your comment. Just saying. Unless, of course, you are trying really hard to sell the BMV club memberships? It does appear a little suspect. ;)

  2. Congratulations Gayle!! And I will be checking out Caroline's online store.

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!! I will be emailing you my info. First time I've ever won anything. Woo hoo!


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