Friday, February 07, 2020

Cashmerette Fuller Cardigan

I was really excited when Jenny asked for testers for the Fuller Cardigan. It had two things I really wanted in a cardigan - a button front and raglan sleeve. Also with Cashmerette patterns I have to make minimal fit changes and I can just sew...which is the part I like best.

As I said, I made the tester version and the subsequent pattern has a few changes made to it. So I made one using the new pattern (which I got as soon as it became available) because I wanted to see the changes especially since I basically liked my tester version. 

I sewed this right out of the envelope using my normal size 24, C/D cup. The same size I made in the tester version. I tried it on to figure out button placement and it didn't close across the front! Dayum, dayum, dayum!!! I checked my pattern pieces. They were the same as the tester front. Then and only then did I check my ponte's stretch - ummmmm not enough. Dayum, dayum, dayum.

My challenge was I already had an outfit in mind.  The Fuller Cardigan plus a sleeveless Pembroke cowl neck tunic (info on this in a future post) and I didn't want to donate this cardigan.  So see my solution below...

Yes a chain finish! I have several of these collected from eBay when Glee was huge and Emma Pillsbury, the teacher who wore the cardigans with the chains, was big. This is why you shouldn't Marie Kondo everything!

I also added an inch to the hemline and can honestly say I forgot to lengthen the front facing too. So I didn't get to use the amazing mitered corner finishing in the pattern instructions. But since I will be making another one, you can bet I will rectify my bad cutting to get that corner finish.

For the sleeves, I used the fuller bicep sleeve pattern. Thanks for that Jenny! Because it means I don't have to worry about having enough space in my biceps or make alterations to the pattern. My design touch was to two tone the sleeves - black ponte sleeves (with enough stretch btw) and the cuff is cut from the base fabric.

Supply List ~
2 yards printed ponte from Fabric Mart - collection fabric
1 yard of black ponte from Fabric Mart - collection fabric
Interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller

A Few Pictures ~

Fuller Cardigan worn with a Pembroke Sleeveless Tunic

For reference I'm adding a picture of the tester version. I took these at work and posted them to Instagram yesterday.  

To me the hip band was a little off-putting on the tester version so I'm glad it was omitted from the final version, even though it doesn't look bad on this cardi.  I also added a button onto the bottom band of my tester version. Honestly I may or may not use that band in a future version of this cardigan because I see more Fullers in my future!

I hope if you're a plus size sewist looking for a great basic cardigan, you will purchase a copy of The Fuller Cardigan...cause really can you have too many cardigans?! always more later!


  1. Yeah, I'm not a fan of bands around the bottom of cardis! They seem to cut me up! But looking forward to making this, especially now I read there is a full bicep piece.

  2. I say another Fuller tester cardi last night and thought it was cute. Yours, in a fabric from my own wardrobe (;-D), is another cutie. I love a raglan sleeve on a sweater. You saying it has a full sleeve option? Sale! I can even see closing up the front and making a pullover tunic with this pattern.

    S'cuse me while I go order me a Fuller pattern now! :-)

  3. I was actually shopping for clothes today (mostly shopping for ideas) and channeling my inner Carolyn, cause I'm starting an office job, and THANK GOD for fuller bicep pattern pieces. All these teeny weeny sleeves (the body sizes up, but the sleeves stay the same). Raglan sleeves don't work for me, but Jenny has provided on other tops, and bless her and you and everyone in an office.

    I'm going to spend tonight trolling your photos to get some ideas of what the devil to wear!

    1. SJ - always there to help! Hope you found something that inspired you.

  4. It's great to have a pattern that fits right away. I have to make a lot of adjustments to my patterns but it's not something I like to do because it takes up so much time.
    Your cardigan turned out great in spite of the front not closing, but you found the perfect solution for that.
    I recently made some raglan sleeved sweaters. I bet I can turn that into a cardigan. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love your "I'm going to make this work" attitude. You always pull off the most amazing things!

  6. Nice job! Looking at the second cardi, I think I like the band in the front but not in the back. Maybe you could cut the back longer and eliminate just that part of the band for a nice look??

    1. Sueannsews - thanks for the suggestion but I really like the cardi without the band and plan to make more!


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