Sunday, July 25, 2021

A Sewing Update - July 2021

Now that we're 16 months into this pandemic, it has affected my need to sew. Why you ask? Well my sewing was based upon me going to work outside my home everyday and other social events.  I was hopeful that with vaccines being widely available in the United States, that we would be further along in neutralizing the effects of the virus.  Sadly we're not and this new variant is on the rise globally. So I still primarily work from home and limit my visits into the unmasked, unvaccinated world.

Sewing Update ~

Since I have 10 great housedresses that I wear when I'm home and enough maxidresses and tunics to wear on the two days a week I work out of our office, I'm not inspired to sew more. This has caused my output to decrease and me to rethink what challenges me to sew.

This month as I've created a new cut pile, I've found that the challenge of altering patterns has encouraged my creativity. Of course this has slowed my productivity way down. I'm also only so-so on taking pictures of finished garments and all activities associated with it. I'm at a true turning point in my sewing life...

But, I have a few ideas that have provided flourishes of creativity...

...a great cut pile of maxidresses and tunics to sew for the rest of the summer and into fall...and two weeks of vacation that I hope will jumpstart that fire to create.

Sewing Room Update ~

The main sewing space is working well now.  It's well-lit. The last two purchases make it function better. The items I need to cut, press and sew are all stored well and easily accessible. There's plenty of space to maneuver and space to lay items without stacking them all on my cutting table!

However, the Resource Center still needs work.  I go back and forth whether or not to take the remaining boxes to storage (and forget about them) or figure out how to incorporate them into the room upstairs.  Right now I'm leaning towards seeing how much I can unpack and make work. Which means more purchases and time to spend on getting things moved around.  My current plan is to work on this during my two weeks vacation in August.

Sew Camp ~

I've missed Sew Camp at Carriage Corner B&B. I've missed spending time with other creatives, shopping, sewing and talking sewing 24/7 with a little current events thrown in. The last time I was at Sew Camp was 2019. I was supposed to go in September 2020 but my health issues stopped me. 

I'm linking to the schedule for the remaining Sew Camps this year, here. Though while I'm going in August, I'm not attending the one on the schedule. Five of my sewing friends and I got together and booked a private 5 day Sew Camp the first week of August. Did you know that you could do that? Well you can and if you're interested in sewing with some of your friends you should reach out to Gaylen. You can make your camp for as long as you want - a weekend, a couple days or like my friends and I, we're arriving on a Thursday and leaving on a Monday.

This will give us plenty of time to shop. Fabric Mart here we come! Explore some of the local quilting & notion shops and sew to our hearts content. I'm so looking forward to this. I haven't seen some of these friends in years, partly due to the pandemic and partly because we live all over the US. We're all vaccinated and ready to have a sewing good time! LOL!

Of course, I will be sharing the good times, here and on my Instagram account so look out for more on #SC2020 soon!

Next ~

Some of my cut pile will go with me to Sew Camp. I'm only taking three projects so that I can get them completed onsite. I want to take advantage of the beautiful grounds at Carriage Corner to get a few pictures taken. When I return home I will still have six days of vacation so I will be sewing and working on the Resource Center.

I'm ready to be settled in my apartment since it's been almost a year and just live. BTW, we're not going to talk about the state of my walk-in closet because that's another project BUT I can sew & create without it affecting me! Cause there's always gonna be a home project, right!?!

This is what's presently on my dressform.  While I love the fabric, the snug fit of the dress is challenging me to finish it. I think I'm going to move onto something else and circle back around to it.

So this is where my sewing is now...just wanted to share an update! always more later!


  1. Thank you for the shout-out! I think the most recent SewCamp really helped jump start my personal sewjo. As you know, I've been sewing for everyone else, including the doll! I love the pressed flowers maxi - what a stunning inspiration garment. And I can't wait to see the fabric that's under the pocket piece on the lower left of the cut piles. The last 18 months have been difficult and I don't see that changing anytime soon. g

  2. It's always a good day when you post! I think I have enough clothes, even if the few I have made are some of my favorites. I sew to sharpen my mind, so I consider sewing to be a medical expense. Sewing is not as expensive as some other medical treatments. Thank you for posting!

  3. Wow, that oscardelarenta sure is something - what a pricetag! I hope you make something like it. I'm so happy you are going to sewing camp, which sounds like a dream come true to me. Love your cut pile, especially the lemons, and look forward to seeing the Style Arc pattern which I want to make but am uncertain about.

  4. As always, it's great to read your updates. I hope you manage to figure out what to do with the dress on your dressform, the colours and pattern are lovely. Have a good time at Sew Camp :-)

  5. Always look forward to your posts, so inspiring Hope you have a great time at sew camp

  6. Sew camp sounds great! I agree with you about having enough clothes-I'm making something for one of my older daughters and husband just to get to sew and not collect more clothes for myself-heck, I might have to end up sewing for my dogs!
    I can't wait to see that lemon print made up. I love that!
    Always enjoy reading what you're up to. Take care, Terri

  7. I really like the dress on your dressform. What pattern is it? I am looking for a simple top in wovens to begin using up some stsh. This may be something that fits the bill. Would you share name? Pegeth

    1. Pegeth - it's Simplicity 8875 and it's very snug fitting on me. Not so much on Daphne my dressform.

  8. your sew camp plans sound so fun! It is strange to sew things and not be able to wear them although things are doing much better here in N. Cal so we are getting out and about again. I hope to make it back to the east coast in 2022, fingers crossed!!

  9. I truly love you. The continued isolation is mentally, emotionally, and physically sucking the life and light right out of me. Poof. I am ordering the ogden cami. To hack, of course. It's awesome. Thank you. I hope your trip is as beautiful as you are and I hope you and your friends have so much fun. Rule one: Do not speak of the depressing last year after first 10 minutes. No matter what! LoL.

  10. Just thinking about you and hoping that the lack of posts means that you are having fun at sewing camp or on vacation. Stay healthy... and enjoy your time sewing.


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