Friday, September 03, 2021

Happy National Sewing Month

I know I barely posted in August and it wasn't because I wasn't sewing. Honestly it was because of pictures. Lately, I've been challenged by having to take my own pictures. I don't know why but I can't get out of my head so I've waited for my daughter and August is just a very busy month for her and her family.

I've even gone back to wearing my makes before they're photographed and blogged. Life changes but sewing remains the constant in my life! So be prepared to get a lot of content this month which is totally appropriate since it is National Sewing Month!

There are the three pieces I completed during Sew Camp...

...then a new tunic using one of the panels I purchased from Fabric Mart during Sew Camp here.

From my cut pile I have a Myosotis dress and a Style Arc Hope dress I'd like to work on too.  Now while the Myosotis dresses I've previously made are some of my favorite summer dresses to wear, I've shied away from making more this summer. Simply because I own so many, but the fabric I'm using has begged to become one, so I obliged it. Hopefully I will have a new one to wear to work next week by weekend's end.

Oh yes, my weekend.  My company closed down for a four-day weekend (Friday - Monday) to celebrate Labor Day. I was supposed to attend a wedding this weekend but with Delta ranging and my date being my daughter, she just didn't want to expose herself to any more social situations where she could possibly come in contact with it.  School just started for the littles and she's worried enough about possible exposure and not adding to it.

Okay I digressed - my next project after the Myosotis is the Style Arc Hope Dress.  Birdie has made two great ones, so it's pushed my cut out one to the top of the pile. The last thing I'm contemplating working on is finally finishing this dress. I love the fabric so much and don't want to waste it but the dress is nothing like I imagined.

BTW, even though I haven't been buying much fabric this year, my Sew Camp haul was the largest amount I've purchased in over a year, I did buy a couple of new pieces.  Fall is around the corner and I want to make shirts so the cotton prints will be cut soon.

A cotton bundle of prints purchased from Sew Creative Lounge

Rayon floral print from Sew Much Fabric

This is where I'm starting September.  Thanks for hanging around during my downtime in August. I will be sharing more makes soon! always more later!



  1. So good to hear you are doing well and getting some sewing done. Isn't it a shame how we have to think about being exposed to the virus before we do anything out in the world. But, better safe.
    Take care... always enjoy your makes.

  2. Happy National Sewing Month! I cannot not wait to see what you do with that cotton bundle from Sew Creative Lounge-they look so beautiful together. With Delta, August was the time to lay low. I know we did and probably will for September too. Take care, Terri

  3. OOOOO love the blouse in first picture. Which pattern is that? I too have started with my re-org (again ) and will be getting ready for fall sewing. i really want to make some tops that are comfy yet look okay.
    I am also getting ready to start more vaccine clinics especially at local colleges. Prayers that youa nd all stay healthy. and keep on sewing. Shalom

  4. Thank goodness we still have our sewing to keep us calm, whilst covid variants cause havoc around us! Thanks for the update :-)

  5. Beautiful, interesting work, as always..

  6. I havent posted much. Havent been sewing clothing and I retired. But you have inspired me. Who says you cant be casual dressy in retirement.


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