Friday, September 10, 2021

A Seersucker Verano Maxi

As you know I loved my denim Verano. It was perfect for early spring and will be wonderful for the fall/winter season too.  However, I really wanted a summer version.  To me one of the best features of this pattern is the number of views offered.  So for my Summer Seersucker version, I'm using the top and full maxi skirt version.

This was one of the projects I took to Sew Camp and finished there.

Supplies ~ 

Yellow striped seersucker given to me by a friend over 20 years ago. It was from her aunt's stash who had passed and she gave it to me knowing that I would use it.  Even though it took a minute, I'm so glad that I finally used this deep stash fabric.

Yellow striped bias binding from Gaylen's notions stash

4 yellow 7/8" buttons from the button collection

Pattern Alterations ~

The other challenge with my original version was the low armholes.  I solved that for fall/winter by wearing t-shirts and turtlenecks under it which worked perfectly. Since I need this one to be sleeveless, I'm altering the front and back bodice piece armholes.

I really like how the armholes fit on my Myosotis bodice.  So that's where I'm starting to get the better fitting armhole for the Verano. Using the Verrano front bodice piece over the front of the Myosotis bodice, I matched center fronts.

* Then I added another inch to the side underarm seam.

* A 1/2" extension to the shoulder seam

* Blended between the two to get a higher underarm seam

I made the same adjustments to the back bodice pieces. Next time I will take a pinch out of the front and back armholes to make them fit just a little closer to my body.

The other change I made is that I did not cut the maxi skirt portion using the pattern pieces. I went with my standard full yard fabric. Which translates to 2 pieces that are 60" wide and 40" long.

Once finished it was too loose.  Now I like loosely fitting bodices but this was loose even for me.  To fix this I added ties to the side and loosely tied them together in the back.

The ties were cut 18" long and 3" wide.  I used 5/8" seam allowances all the way around and inserted them into the side seams using the 5/8" seam.  I wanted them to be long and wide enough to be a statement yet compatible to my bodacious body.

A Few Photos ~

Wearability Report ~

The day I chose to wear the dress to work was a perfect day.  It was a mildly hot summer day and the dress performed perfectly ties and all.  The only change I would make is to make the side slits higher. I cut a lot off the hemline which affected the slits on this one.

I will make another one of these next summer...cause summer is almost over and I have a few more pieces I want to make before it's finally gone!

A Parting Shot ~

My daughter was really into certain spots in the complex during this photo shoot. So she had me climbing the hill to take pics. Of course, the littles were with us!

There's more to share and it will be up on the blog soon... always more later!


  1. Simple yet stunning fabric. Thanks for showing how you altered the side seam/armhole. The dress is perfect :-)

  2. What a beautiful dress! I was a bridesmaid in 1970 and my dress was made from this very fabric. I love vintage textiles.

  3. This is so fresh and speaks of Summer. It looks so cool and comfortable. I was very interested in your pictures of the change to armholes, always a tricky part for me. You look well, take care and be safe.

  4. Carolyn, you always look so pretty in the maxis. This one looks so cool and comfortable, but neat. Very nice. I appreciate the alteration details because I don't like a saggy armscye either.

  5. Seersucker is really the best fabric for steamy summer days and nights too. The dress is lovely on you and I know you can stay cool in it.

  6. easy breezy summer dress - looks perfect for a warm day. And the red lipstick! fantastic.

  7. It is all that a summer dress wants to be and credit that seersucker which must be vintage.It would be hard to find today in such a lovely color. Looks awesome.

  8. You look so pretty. Yellow is a good color for you : )

  9. The littles ? They are getting big 🤣

  10. Love the dress, the color is gorgeous. Love that you share where you buy fabrics.


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