Monday, September 20, 2021

I Love Gingham

I did NOT plan on making another Myosotis dress this season. I have a deep bench of dresses that I've worn all summer. My plan was to explore other maxi dress patterns to add some new new into my wardrobe.  Then I saw this fabric on StyleMaker, which sorry it's sold out, and my plans changed.

I purchased four yards earlier this summer and surprise, surprise, it got cut and sewn in the same calendar year.  I will admit that I buy with the intent of when I get around to it, not use right away. I rarely purchase fabric that way. There are two many ideas floating around in my mind to tie things down.

That was the last good thing that happened to this dress. I cut it out in July because I planned to take it to Sew Camp.  However, it didn't make the final cut.  Normally I take 2-3 projects, things I know I will complete. This time I took 4 projects and of course only finished 3.

Materials ~

Pattern:  My TNT version of the Myosotis Dress

4 yards of fabric from StyleMaker Fabrics

13 buttons from Joyce Trimmings in NYC (so sorry this shop closed)

Remnants of interfacing from Steinlauf and Stoeller

1/2 yard of red piping from Daytona Trimming in NYC

Construction ~

May I start off by saying that I made every rookie mistake in the book in this dress...

1. From cutting it out without paying attention to the gingham plaid. Because of course it doesn't match in some places. Other places I had to force it to match.

2. Deciding to put piping on the collar at the last minute. Usually last minute additions don't backfire but I think I was annoyed at myself that I wanted to add it.

3. So I didn't do the corner correctly. It was such a hot mess that I added buttons at the corners of the collar to hide that hot mess!

Finished dress with buttons on collar

4. Then I assembled the collar with the wrong side as the underneath. Now a good sewist would either take it apart or cut another one. Not me. I was so disgusted at this point that I left it.  If you're touching my collar, you are too dayum close to me.

Since I really wanted the dress finished to be photographed with the other things that my daughter was shooting, I pressed on. I did manage to get a workable dress...though the fronts don't match either and I don't care!

A Few Photos ~

In conclusion, in this instance don't sew like me.  Be more aware of matching the plaid during the cutting out process so it doesn't make it harder to match them in the sewing stage.  However, I'm glad I did make one new Myosotis for summer/early fall, since it's my go to dress. 

There will be another one for fall. I cut it out back in January and never made it.  So it will make an appearance either this fall or in 2022.

A Parting Shot ~

I was really feeling myself in this dress...*LOL*

There are more garments to be shared.  I had two more that are more cool weather pieces and it was just too hot to photograph them. So more is coming... always more later!


  1. It's a great dress! The fabric is so pretty, and you nailed it with the red buttons and binding. I would not have noticed unmatched plaid unless you pointed it out - the whole look is too fabulous. PS I have made all those mistakes too, and many times during 60 years of sewing, lol.

  2. Carolyn, despite the "mistakes", this is still a great dress! I love the fabric; you have such a good eye for fabric/pattern combinations. I learn so much from reading your blog posts - thank you!

  3. Great dress and very flattering - I can see why it's a go to!

  4. In this instance and with your placement of those great, bright buttons, I really don't think the mismatch matters. It's a great dress. Move forward and enjoy!

  5. I think it looks wonderful and I didn't see anything that looked mismatched. It makes you happy and is comfortable and that is all that matters. You look wonderful in it. HUGS< Wanda

  6. I love this. Thank you for including your “goof” and the fix. The buttons look like they’re meant to be! How fun.

  7. Love it! The piping is SO good on it. It is the cherry on the sundae.

  8. It looks lovely! Main thing - you can wear and enjoy it! Piping looks good - sets off the collar.

  9. First I was smiling as I read then an outloud chuckle, thanks to your humorous comments. Love the dress!

  10. I saw several of your your sewing-products and I love them. You show, that ladies with an adult body, can look really fabulous, happy, joyful and very pretty.
    I love the choice of your fabrics, buttons and small details, that make your clothes special and unique.
    Best wishes from Europe, T.

  11. I love the buttons for the collar, great save and very creative! I think your dress looks great and I don't see the non-matching plaid.


  12. I appreciate your honesty about the mistakes you made because it makes us all feel better about when we made the same exact kinds! The dress is just lovely and I agree with others that it's not at all noticeable about the plaid matching. You are such an inspiration.

  13. This gingham is so cheerful, it makes me smile to see it. I am so glad when an experienced sewist admits her mistakes and actually does the thing I would do, which is just leave it be.

  14. Too bad about the collar, but you came up with a really good solution. I probably would have unsewn just the points and tried to make them rounded to fit the piping (would that even work?) And I know it's cold comfort, but that busy fabric pattern makes it really hard to see the mismatch, at least for me. Oh, and we need to thank cheap quality RTW that so many are now used to seeing such things in purchased garments, it now seems normal.

  15. I love the details of this dress, you made my day love it


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