Tuesday, January 03, 2023

It's 2023...

At times during 2022 it seemed like it was flying by and at other times it seemed to drag interminably.  No matter because the 365 days that comprised 2022 have passed into history and we're now moving forward into 2023.

Since I was trying to finish off 2022 posting makes that hadn't made it to the blog, I didn't do an end of year sewing review. For someone who thought they didn't sew much, I did end up completing 20 pieces. Which is a lot for the laid back lifestyle I live now especially since it's not that long ago when 40-50 garments were sewn every year.  Boy has life changed!

Let's recap, shall we...

My favorite make of 2022 would be:

This is another Deer & Doe Myosotis Dress. I love this silhouette and received a ton of compliments on this particular dress every time I wore it. I'm sure it's the fabric choice which I also adored. This dress was in the post, The Replacement Three.

The pattern that most surprised me - McCalls 7969

So much so I made it twice. This was one of my favorite summer dresses and I felt beautiful in it every time I wore it.  My last version was made late into the season and I didn't wear it out and about but it will definitely be worn in spring/summer 2023.

My favorite new top for 2022 - Simplicity 8658

I made two of these in 2022 but this one is my favorite.  I'm sure it has to do with the fabric I used. It cheers me up every time I wear it. It's also comfortable, a statement piece and it exemplifies what my lifestyle is now.

My least favorite make - The Cashmerette Club Gilmore Skirt 

My dislike has nothing to do with the pattern but with what I wanted and didn't get from the pattern. I completed the skirt, tried it on and thought yuck. It just didn't look like I wanted and that's not the pattern's fault.  That's also why there are no pictures of me wearing the skirt and probably will never be. It went straight into the donate pile.

Unselfish Sewing -

I used a scrap quilt that my Mother had originally sewn together to make this lap quilt as my May Janome project. It was an interesting sew that once again confirmed I'm not a quilter *smile* but remaking something my Mother originally sewed was a real full circle moment.


1.  I sewed several Style Arc patterns last year and I have a few more on my list to make in 2023.

2.  2023 will start off with me in top creation mode.  I have several I want to make and add into my wardrobe for winter and early spring.  Especially since I will be going back into the office twice a week.

2.  I've receded a lot from social media for a variety of reasons but mostly because I really just want to sew...not influence anyone, not sell anything, not front for another business, etc.  Because somewhere in there the joy of creating got lost in taking the best pictures, learning to make reels, and pushing garments out to have content on my or their pages.

3.  To me sewing what I want to wear, not always using the latest patterns or the trendy fabrics to create have a much higher priority.

4.  I also want to sew more from my fabric collection because I really don't want to add a lot more to my collection. I've spoken several times about trimming it down some and that is definitely the plan in 2023.  I've also accepted the fact that I will probably buy a piece of fabric every now and then until the day I die.  I just don't want to accumulate it at the pace I've previously accumulated it.

5.  Which brings me to the fact that my contract with Janome has expired.  My last post for them goes live in a couple of weeks and then I'm done.  It has been wonderful to be in partnership with them and I will get to keep my sewing machine so I'm thrilled about that.  Hopefully, I'm parting ways with them on a good note and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the program.  If you're interested in repping an amazing sewing machine company, you should apply to them.

In conclusion (sounds like Your Honor should go there!  hahahahahaha), I want to find my joy in sewing again.  Make what I want.  Take flights of fancy.  Take my time and marinate in a project. Use some techniques that have been hanging out in the back of my brain because if not now, when? Dive into my fabric collection and pull out some of the treasures but most importantly I will continue to blog.

Yes, I'm sticking with blogging because honestly it's how I like to communicate my sewing with the world best.  Don't know how frequently I will do it but I plan to continue sharing here. I will keep up my IG page too but when I want and how I want.  I'm not trying to buck IG's algorithm - find me, don't find me, I'm good.  I will NOT be getting a tik tok page. I like to share my makes but it's the creating I desire more...and I want more of that on my own terms in 2023. I hope you'll still be hanging out with me here...

...as always more later!


  1. I love blogging too. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you sew this year :-)

  2. Happy and healthy New Year, thank you for continuing to blog and inspire me!

  3. So happy you have found what you want to do, and have plans to suit your sewing self. I have tried joining sewing challenges etc, but found I was not sewing what I needed or wanted, but trying to fit their parameters. To oneself be true. Happy New Year and Happy, happy sewing.

  4. I'm glad you're sticking with blogging. I hope the joy in sewing comes back to you soon. Not much saps the fun out of a hobby faster than turning it into a "must do" thing.

  5. I'm betting that the stash has some real treasures in it and I look forward to seeing what you sew. Yes these last couple of years have really changed what I wear and while I still want to sew certain items they just don't get the wear. However I will continue to sew what makes me happy and I hope you do too. One of these days I want to get back to NYC!

    1. Beth - I hope it's soon! I had such a good time when you were here the last time!

  6. I think starting off 2023 in creation mode is a great place to be. I hope 2023 brings you lots of creative joy and a renewed sense of inspiration!

  7. I’m SO GLAD you love blogging! Nice of Janome to let you keep the machine!

  8. I love your comments and insight on just being 'you'. I'm glad you will continue to blog and look forward to seeing what your creativity produces. (Debby)

  9. I am so glad you will be continuing with the blog and I can completely understand the need to pull back on social media in order to do more creative things on your own time frame!

  10. That time with Janome went by quickly!

    I just can't get with the Reels. I WANT to be active on socials for my crafting but it's all becoming one-note. Apparently, YouTube is getting in on the action with "shorts". Meh.

    Last year was a sad one for me with blogging but hopefully I'll do better in 2023! :)

    I love Style Arc and can't wait to see what you've made.

  11. Everything you make is beautiful but I especially love the Simplicity top that is your favorite. That fabric was just right for it. It looks super on you and that picture of you looks like out of a fashion magazine! Enjoy everything, Carolyn. We will be here when you post however often or seldom.

  12. So glad you plan to continue to blog. My "sewjo" has been on a long hiatus but you are inspiring me to get busy. Looking forward to your future makes.

  13. For some reason, when you said your favourite dress made you feel beautiful everytime you wear it, really struck me. How wonderful that we as sewists can create something that makes us feel so good! Everythinf you make is so lovely.

    Sadly. I'm going through a little bit of a body confidence crisis but if I take the time to make something that makes me feel better, I'm sure that will help me.

    I'm looking forward to contiuning to follow your blogs in the future, tiktok can sit down,


  14. Happy New Year! I am right with you on all your latest posts. Things change, time to recapture sewing for joy!

  15. I applaud your decisions and look forward to seeing the results of your sewing unencumbered by the demands of some other entity, as nice as it was. I see all that you do and then think of you still working full time. It's a lot. I am glad you will be able to create a bit more freely now. It definitely brings back the joy. I am really glad you are continuing to blog. Same here. It is how we connect our passion with others who appreciate that fact. We can get in depth with our fellow creatives. I have heard so much lately about stolen identies on IG and I so dislike the perfection/lack of reality as well as the intense marketing that happens there. There is a shallowness that just tosses me out every time I try to get into it. Keep writing and sewing to your heart's content. We love every bit of it.


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