Monday, February 12, 2007

A Revelation

It kinda hit me this weekend, I mean really hit me...that 90% of my wardrobe is made by my own two hands.

As you know I have been struggling with forming a suitable corporate wardrobe after years of working in a "business casual" atmosphere. But on the East Coast this last week the temperatures dropped into the single digits and I was forced to reach into the back corners of my closet to find really warm clothing. And back there, I discovered a treasure trove of tailored jackets.

See my closet is organized by pieces ~ all jackets, skirts, pants, blouses etc. are hung together. Its been this way for years because it "allowed" me the freedom to mix and match pieces which stretched my wardrobe. When I found those jackets (made in a few tailoring classes with the amazing Colleen Jones!) I realized how "deep" my closet actually is and how many pieces I have made.

Now this might not seem like a big deal but lately I've felt as if I wasn't being as productive sewing-wise as I would like to be. Some of this is due to life changes, i.e., the new job and some of this is due to other changes but mostly I have just felt pressured to complete "suitable" outfits quickly. And we all know how hard it is to produce an awesome, high-quality garment under pressure. However, I have had an epiphany...I have reached a turning point. After putting together some new outfits using the long forgotten pieces in the back of my closet, I am realizing the depth of my wardrobe as well as how successful I have been in making a well-rounded and cohesive wardrobe.

I can step back now, bask in my accomplishments and breathe. But more importantly I can enjoy the process. I know I talk about enjoying the journey alot but if you aren't enjoying the process, how long will you continue to sew? It is way tooo easy to clothe yourself by buying ready to wear. It's everywhere and in every price range...

My revelation is this...that over the years I have made many wonderful pieces of clothing and that they do reside in my closet. Also these pieces were done in periods of creative freedom that held no stress or pressure to create and that I enjoyed the process ~ that is why the jackets have so many pretty details. So that is what I am going to strive for in 2007 ~ the ability to create garments that stretch my sewing skills and give me a greater creative outlet and more satisfaction.

What are you looking for creatively in 2007?


  1. 90% - that is amazing!

    For me, I'm looking to think outside the box when it comes to patterns and sewing. I want to add and try all those techniques that I've learned to add a one of a kind look to my garments. Not just follow the directions included in the envelope.

  2. Congratulations!!!

    I hope that one day I can say that 90% of the things in my closet were made by me. I'd even settle for 50% at this point :)

    I've only recently begun sewing, so 2007 will be a learning year for me.

  3. BRAVA Carolyn. Thank you SO much. Just when I needed a real shot of inspiration I click on one of my most favorite blogspots to read- and voila! God is so good. He uses us to help and inspire each other. Thanks, Father.Thanks for Carolyn and her desire to share her passion for sewing. Thanks to you Carolyn. Ninety percent. Yep. I'm gonna do that, too.

  4. It stands to reason that if you're an inspiration for so many other people, you should also be an inspiration for yourself! Keep creating Carolyn (like you could stop even if you wanted to :))

  5. 90% is so impressive. You are truly an inspiration!

  6. Congradulations Carolyn! What a wonderful revelation. One of my creative goals is to create a wardrobe that reflects my artistic style.I agree with you totally about enjoying the process.I've found that this allows me to get more enjoyment out of the finished garments.


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