Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Naming a Collection

First I would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my wardrobe post with a suggestion for my latest collection's name.  There were 38 wonderful and very thoughtful names.  

So first a recap of the 38 submissions:
  1. The Autumnal Tones Collection
  2. Brown isn't Boring
  3. The Cool Earth Tones Collection
  4. Carolyn's Chocolate Gray Crayola Collection
  5. Sensible Elegance
  6. The City in Winter
  7. Manhattan Moods
  8. Cool Moves
  9. Chocolate is a Girl's Best Friend
  10. Carolyn's Agglomeration
  11. Carolyn's Collation
  12. Moon Over Manhattan
  13. A Woman with a Plan
  14. Chocolate & Gray Cozy Collection
  15. Warm & Toasty Fall Collection
  16. W to the 4th:  Wise Woman's Winter Wardrobe
  17. Hot Chocolate
  18. Cafe Exotique
  19. Carolyn's Flirty Fall Wardrobe
  20. Autumn Delights
  21. Carolyn's Fall Fantasy Dreams
  22. The Muddy Waters Collection
  23. Caramel Swirl Chocolate Brownies
  24. Warm Winter Spice
  25. Brown Sugar
  26. The Nameless Collection
  27. Chocolates at Dawn
  28. Muddy River Blues
  29. Classy Chic by Carolyn
  30. Warm Earth Pallette
  31. New York State of Mind
  32. Chocolate Truffles
  33. The Brown Snug Hug Collection
  34. Cinnamon Dolce Latte
  35. Mexi Mocha
  36. Classical Elements
  37. Gems & Granites
  38. Chocolate & Smoke
Weren't these fantastic suggestions!?!  I narrowed it down to these final three...that I pondered all day Monday...
  • The City in Winter
  • Manhattan Moods
  • Warm Winter Spice
...and lastly the collection will be named...drumroll please...

"The City in Winter Collection"

I did go back and forth a couple of times yesterday morning and I do reserve the right to use the other two finalist names for future collections!  So Jodie,  if you would kindly leave your email addy in the comment section, I will contact you so that I can get the Hug Snug out to you!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the naming of my new collection. always more later!



  1. Hi Carolyn, I am so excited that my Manhatten Moods suggestion made the final three. Wow! Greetings from Australia xx

  2. I love all those creative names. It was fun thinking of one.

  3. Woohoo I won! There were so many creative choices, I'm so pleased you liked mine. Can't wait to see you sew up that gorgeous sweater knit.

    Here's my e-mail:

    Thanks so much!

  4. Love it. Great name. I should have name that collection contest, since I can never come up with names for anything.

  5. Congradulations Jodie.. It was a fantastic name.
    Carolyn, Nice it was a hard decision, Alot of great ideas.. Can't wait to see your next creation..Happy sewing.

  6. Can u suggest a name for kids clothing inspired by candies , color pop


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