Thursday, April 06, 2006

I have spring fever!

See after making the new fabric and getting more spring/summer fabric in the mail (Thank Youuuu Fabric Mart and!) I want to make spring stuff. Not the wool/cashmere stuff that I have cut out. I am worried that the temps are climbing and these pieces just won't be comfortable to wear now. So what is a girl to do?

I was surfing Sewing Workshop's new site and saw pictures of the Soho Coat.

Photo courtesy of The Sewing Workshop

Boy, do I want to make a version of that coat! I am going to Newport Beach, CA in two weeks for work and I need a great light coat for the evenings and the trip there and back. I am also going to San Francisco to spend the weekend with a friend and fabric shop but more (okay, probably much more) about that later!

Anyway, I was trying to figure out if I ordered the pattern if it would get to me in time to make it up. I wasn't quite sure. So mentally I started to shuffle through my catalogue of TNT patterns. And I thought of this OOP Butterick one:

I know that it doesn't look exactly like the Soho Coat but it has a hood, I have made it before so the adjustments would be minimal and I could enhance the pattern.

Here is the original version made from some red fabric from where else - Fabric Mart!

I would line the new version, add some side seam pockets and maybe an inner pocket and add a front placket for buttons. I thought of using one of these two fabrics to make this inspired version.

Choice No. 1:

I think this is a wool/rayon blend that I got from Emmaonesock last year to make a spring coat with and this might make a pretty funky loose coat. What do you think?

This is the Choice No. 2:

This is a medium weight cotton stretch that I purchased from - two years ago????

Okay so which one do you like? Comments would truly be appreciated! Thoughts, suggestions on how to make it look "inspired by" the Sewing Workshop pattern would also be appreciated. You have until Sunday to vote on your favorite. And then I will work on making the coat from the fabric that receives the most votes!

And until I get a consensus, I guess I will go back to working on the beige wool/cashmere pieces!

So...........On your mark, get!


  1. I like #2. It's not as "flashy" as the green, but it looks like a spring coat to me. It's a muted enough pattern that it wouldn't overwhelm whatever you're wearing with it, but it has enough interest to stand on its own, too.

  2. I like #1. Liana has impeccable taste, and I would ALWAYS take her advice over mine, but the green vintage-y weave is very "now" and may not age as well in your stash! I made a jacket this fall from a similar weave (really vintage, and neutral colors), and used rust velvet to trim it. I get compliments on it EVERYWHERE.

  3. I like # 2 also. I think your #1 would make a great dress, where it could be the center of attention. But a coat often has to share the spotlight--particularly if it's not cold and you won't be closing the coat. You'll be seeing both the outfit you're wearing and the coat...and print #1 doesn't look like it would "play as well with others." I look forward to seeing your coat!


  4. Ooh what fun! I think I like no 1 best. Does it match your SWAP? And the other pants with the green twinset? Maybe the hood could be lined with some left over grey pinstripe to tie in? The first choice will certainly stand out and would look fab with neutral clothes.

    Vicki M

  5. 'Doesn't play well with others' pretty much sums up my reaction to #1. If this were for a runway with a green sheath under it, I would be all for the green. Choice #2 looks very SPRING to me and will 'play well' with whatever pokes out of the center front while you are walking.

  6. I love, love, love the green fabric!! I'm sure either will be fab, but thought I'd put in my two cents. :-)

  7. I love, love, love the green fabric!! I'm sure either will be fab, but thought I'd put in my two cents. :-)

  8. I like them both. I think #2 will be more versatile for what you think of using it for. #1 is very retro, which is very now. But I think it might work best as a compliment piece than for a coat.

  9. I would choose #3. I'm not much of a "stand out in a crowd" person.

  10. I made a mistake. I meant #2.

  11. I like #1 best for the coat. I'd question the drape of the stretch #2. The green fabric looks more retro, and using a contemporary pattern would make it very distinctive.

  12. I vote for #1 for your trip to Newport Beach. Green is a big color story this Spring and I think it would make a great statement piece. Love the SW pattern but I'm not crazy about having a hood on a Spring coat. SF is notoriously cold---always---so perhaps a differnt coat could be worn for that trip ( keep woorking on that cashmere!!!)


  13. Both pieces say spring to me but then which piece will fit into your wardrobe better since you have limited time to sew? I love *1 because it really says spring and I think that it would be good to build a mini-swap around when you have more time. But *2 would probably work better with your existing wardrobe. I can't wait to see the final coat.

  14. I like #1 although there are many good reasons for choosing #2. #2 is certainly more versatile and neutral, it will give you more choices of what to wear. But #1 will really pop over most simple neutral garments and is a great spring color. Even though it is more dramatic than #2, it is simpler as there is less color variation than in #2.

    So I officially vote for #1. It is a great statement piece. It can brighten up and add a good bit of style and dash to a fairly neutral wardrobe which makes it great for adding punch with a travel wardrobe. I love combinations of green with almost all of the neutrals and several basic fashion colors as well. It is the kind of garment that can make a travel wardrobe grouping sing. Besides #1 is just fun and screams "spring".

    It would however want to be the star and would dictate what kind of wardrobe could co-star.

  15. I vote for #2. #1 is telling me it wants to be a more tailored/structured design. I just can't picture #1 in anything but a notch collar pea coat or short trench -- but hey, maybe I just lack vision:-). I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide.

  16. Hm...interesting choices and comments! My first reaction, just looking at the fabrics, was 'What will you wear with these?' Is the coat going to be the 'Talker' or the 'Listener'? In terms of wardrobing, the green is definitely a 'Talker' and the grey/blue is more of a 'Listener' that should play into your choice. For the SW coat, too, you need something that drapes pretty well. How do these fabrics compare in the hand? I'd guess the wool blend would be drapier than the cotton, but I could be wrong.
    Now, having said all of that...and allowing for the unknowns which could change my recommendation, the green just sings 'SPRING!' to me... (ok, maybe it's not a's a Singer... ;) )

  17. I vote for the green (number 1). I think the green is so fresh, so springy, so cheerful!

    I also remember that someone told me years ago that the 'right' green will go with everything--think nature--green leaves against pink roses, green grass with tree bark, etc. On my monitor the green has a soft look (ie, not emerald or kelly).

  18. What is going to go with your wardrobe for the trip? Number 1 if the clothes are going to work with it. The fabric is more trendy. Make number two if you want a coat for several seasons.

  19. Carolyn - I agree, #2 would be more versatile, and if the coat was for me I would choose it. But in my mind's eye, I see you in #1. I think in one post you were thinking about the FM green ultrasuede -- I just haven't given up on seeing you in spring green.
    --blue mooney

  20. From Kathryn:
    Oh, I vote for the green, #1. It's shouts Spring, and gives that very "in" vintage flair, especially with the pattern you have selected.

    I really struggled with this one to make sure that I liked the green for YOU, and not just because I love that fabric. I looked through your photos and saw that you gravitate toward clear, contrasty colors in your garments. Even when you have a muted fabric, you kick it up with a contrast trim or pop the contrast with another piece in the ensemble.

    So I say, "Green up America for us, Carolyn! Or at least green up one small part of it ;-)"

  21. oooh, I love both of your fabrics.
    I think a coat out of fabric #2 will be something you'll wear to more occasions

    or you use fabric #1 and add some solid elements like pocket flaps to give the eye something to rest on...

  22. My first thought was that the green would be great on you. #2 is also a great fabric, but why not go for the punch? Have fun, celebrate life and spring!

    I look at my spring and summer clothing as something I buy for the season; so I'm not looking for an investment piece just something that is fun.

    Go for it! Make it up with #1.

  23. I think both would make a great coat, but I just love #1! It just looks so springy.

  24. I vote for #1 -- seems more springtime to me. It makes more of a statement coming and going, but it is just so bright and fresh. Good news is that either one will be lovely.

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