Saturday, April 01, 2006

No Sewing Today

Ah, spring is definitely in the air! How do I know this? No sewing today! My sewing definitely goes in spurts. I sew constantly, almost every weekend and most 3-day weekends during the winter....from December to March. I take a break when spring first arrives, and then fit sewing into the busy spring/summer weekend activities. By August, I am again devoting quality time to sewing - it must be that back to school thing. And during the fall, I sew some, I do some things with my family.

So at the first hint of spring, this indoors girl definitely wants to be outside in the warm breeze. But do I go outside today.....nooo! My children all have plans and so I am home alone. What do I do? Read a book. A trashy beach read by Jackie Collins, "Lovers & Players." That was actually a pretty fun read ~ well for trashy books, anyway! *lol*

But since sewing is never far from my mind, I have spent quality time with my computer reading all the sewing sites; sewingworld, patternreview, and now artisans square. I have even read quite a few of my fellow bloggers sites. And I have a few random sewing musings....

Have you noticed the trend to count the amount of fabric purchased and the amount sewn? I have noticed this at the bottom of quite a few posts on patternreview and in some blogs. It is very interesting because it makes you wonder how much sewing the yardage represents. Or am I the only one who thinks this? When these stats first started appearing, I thought that I would add them to my blog but being computer challenged and wanting to spend my available time sewing, I decided instead to keep a list in my sewing journal of the pieces I made this year. I think I understand the reason for the stats but I just want to know how many wearable garments I have completed. How about all of you? Are you keeping stats? And if so, what stats are you keeping and why are they important to you?

I have to admit that I have also been in a real fabric acquiring mood. At first I thought that I should be ashamed or slow my buying down. But lately I have realized that I have ideas pouring out of my brain, left and right. Some are inspired by fabric, some by photos in magazines and some by seeing pictures of completed garments. So for me to stop purchasing fabric at this point would almost negate my creative flow. And while the creative juices are moving I guess I will just go with it. Its not like my kids are starving or the lights are out or anything. And I am keeping the UPS men employed!

I am also having ideas of manipulating fabric. Every once in a while I go through a stage where I want to duplicate, replicate or make my own fabric. I have a piece coming from Fabric Mart that I am more interested in tea-dyeing than I think I am in making something from it. I mean I do have an idea for it but the thought of tea-dyeing it really has me going.

Here is the piece:

So those are my fabric musings for today. I hope that if you got to sew today that you enjoyed the journey!


  1. No sewing for me today either.... I don't seem to get as much accomplished on the weekends, though.
    I started keeping track of how much yardage I use this year. I never even thought of keeping a tally of how many garments that was!
    I was kind of curious how much I would sew in a year. I have no desire to find out how much I aquire during the year. I figure if I did, sewer's guilt might kick in around November or December!

  2. i keep track of yardage in/out, # of items made (i keep a photo album at kodakgallery with sewn items), and this year i started tracking $ spent on my sewing hobby. this last stat is because sometimes i get upset when dh buys some big computer part or tool, but then i realized i probably spend the same amount, only in dribs and drabs. :)

    the reason for the stats keeping is because at the end of the year, it's really fun to look back and see what i accomplished. it really adds up!


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