Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sewing Updates

Thank you all so much for voting for my spring fever coat! The winner is:

This is the picture with the elements that I will use for the coat. I have decided to use the green suede for button plackets on the front of the jacket, the edge of the hood and the bands at the sleeve hems. I also found some glass lime green Czech buttons in my stash that will work great with the fabrics. If I have time, I might make a skirt with the left over fabric ~ if I have time! Also I have plenty of lime green pieces that would work with the jacket if I wanted to coordinate.

I also did some work yesterday on the "Cashmere Dreams" jacket ~ got all of the fitting issues done on the front and back pieces of the jacket. The sleeves fit through the biceps and I decided on a thread to use on the top stitching.

Here is a sample of the topstitching choices for the jacket and skirt:

The first line of topstitching uses a matching thread and the bottom line of stitching uses a slightly darker shade of brown thread. I am going to use the darker thread color to give the garments some distinction. I am not going to put this outfit away. Since most of the fitting challenges have been completed I am going to finish this outfit after I work on my "Spring Fever" coat and that will be my last early fall/early spring outfit. I am moving onto spring summer sewing!

I checked my spring/summer sewing list and I am not really off-track. I have even completed two items that were on my list so I feel a little better about my sewing plan. I was a little concerned that I was veering far afield since my last two projects appear no where on my list! I have updated my list to include the "Spring Fever" coat and a dress from the tea dyed fabric. The only problem is that my life gets very busy after this weekend so I don't know how much sewing I will get accomplished!

Well, I am off to get in a few hours of sewing this afternoon! Thanks again for all of your comments, suggestions and encouragements!


  1. I can't wait to see this jacket in the green fabric. I love the button choice too!

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