Tuesday, April 25, 2006

SWAP Voting

This is the week of voting for the SWAP that is being featured by Julie of Timmel Fabrics on Sewing World. If you are a registered member of Sewing World, you are allowed to cast a vote for one of the 23 participants.

So take a look at all of the participants offerings here:


And here are Julie's instructions for voting:

Please read the voting guidelines posted on the SWAP topic before casting your vote.

Then choose your favourite three, in order of preference, and email the names to me at

Put SWAP vote in the subject line, then list your three choices, nothing else please.

Sign the email with your proper name.

Voting can begin now and will continue through to April 28.

The voting will be closed midnight April 28.

Read the rules for voting and cast a vote!

There is a tremendous amount of talent displayed by these wonderful women with a wide range of patterns and fabrics used! 23 women submitted 25 SWAPs! Yes, two women sewed 22 pieces, each! I am one of the 23 but I am not trolling for votes. I am encouraging you to participate in our sewing community and to support a fellow sewing sister!!!!

So Vote! And support our sewing community!

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  1. Talk about inspirational! I loved reading and looking at everyone's wardrobes.

    Good luck Carolyn! I loved your pieces.


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