Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fashion Shots

The hardest part of sewing for me is photographing the finished product! I want you to see what I saw when I was dreaming of the garment and then making it. Sometimes I am successful ~ sometimes I am not! Most times after I have finished constructing a garment, I just don't feel like putting on my game face and taking pictures of my creations. I bought Lulu (my dressform) so that I could show my garments like Kathryn does but that worked for only a few pictures. I still think I look best in my clothes.

So today ~ weeks after I finished these garments, I am finally ready for my photo shoot. Thanks to my trusty daughter who loves fashion as much as I do and is a great beginning sewer and fabric collector ~ I have fashion shots!

On the right,
Me with Attitude!
Wearing a handkerchief linen jacket and one of my spring sewing skirts! Made the linen jacket several years ago and it's been a staple in my wardrobe ever since.

On the left,

wearing part of the new "Prada Dreamsicle SWAP"!

Of course I am always searching for the skinny shot! Y'know the one that makes my bodacious body not look quite so bodicious! *LOL*

My Queen Latifah pose!

Chillin' Summer Style!

Yeap ~ This is me, everyday!

So I've shared a little of what I look like in the clothes that I made recently! Hope I didn't bore ya!


  1. On the contrary (sp). You look very nice, and your sewing is great. Bonnie

  2. Your sewing is phenomenal! And you look great in your pieces!

  3. You look GOOD! Especially in the "hi-fashion hat" pose.
    I like to see clothes on a real figures instead of a dressform.
    Bodacious babes like myself feel proud when I see other"Bodacious Babes" dressed beautifully instead of hiding under tons of shape-less black fabric.
    Keep it up.You are doing a fantastic job.Thank you.

  4. I read your blog all the time and I aways think you look fabulous! I especially love the tangerine skirt and inspire me and I just made a wadder!! Ha keep it up

  5. you are a bodacious babe and you work it! everyone knows that most men (and women) prefer curves, right? i know my man does.

    love the tangerine skirt -- what a fabulous color. everything looks great.

  6. You are such an inspiration....
    too cute!


  7. Those are great shots! The polka dot ensemble is my favorite. I especially love the photo of you wearing the polka dot jacket with chapeau! So chic!

  8. You look fantastic! I love what you've been making (and you've been so busy too)! I especially love all the polka dots - I have such a soft spot for polka dots (and paisley).

  9. Love the photos! I think it is fun doing the fashion shots! Just take lots and there are sure to be some good ones! And that is why we have daughters!

  10. I LOVE the black and cream polka dot! The HAT! OMG!

    All of the pictures look awesome, Carolyn!

    I can't wait to get sewing this weekend, myself!

  11. Carolyn, you are beautiful and your clothes are too! Your clothes suit you so well. This is what people mean when they beautiful is not a dress size, but your attitude and how you express yourself.

  12. Love your blog, love your photos. Especially the first one with the polka dot jacket and hat. Your photos with you wearing your clothes make them appear much more fun to wear. The dress form shots just don't convey that feeling.

  13. Home run...outta the park!
    Great clothes and great pix. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Carolyn, you look absolutely smashing!!! Love, love, love your pokla dot outfit.

  15. Lucky you! Someone to take fashion photos of you in your creations. Keep 'em coming, you look fabulous!

  16. your pictures are soooo great :) I love the queen latifa pose :)

  17. First of all when I started reading your post for the photo shots and you said you sometimes don't feel like putting on your game face to photograph your creations, I am like "What?" This is the person who is always saying oh please let me see you in your finished outfit!!!! I still owe you some shots.

    But really I just wanted to say you look great and glad you put your game face on. I really love all the shots. My favorites are the orange dots/stripe tank dress and of course the first shot of the black and cream outfit. You look marvelous, darling!!!!

  18. Linda ~ regarding the game face comments and my always begging people to take shots with their clothes can just see how the garment fits their body better when they are wearing it. I deliberately take flat pictures of the clothes and then pictures with me in it so you can see the difference.

    As for game face, I definitely have to be in the mood to pose...otherwise you get attitude pictures like the one of me in the white linen. I know at the time I was thinking, c'mon already this isn't rocket science! But my DD is a princess. She is always striving to get the best shot ~ from fixing my hair, to making me change position. She is truly the unsung hero in the pictures!

  19. Great modelling photo’s, I love the first one with the hat,you look so elegant.

  20. I'm totally inspired by your photos! I have the same problem with modeling, myself. Thx for some new ideas!

  21. I love all your outfits,but my favorites are the black and white polk a dot ensembles. I also wanted let you know how much I enjoy your writing.I especially enjoyed your piece about planning.Keep up the good work.I think your inspiring me to start sewing and stop just collecting.


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