Thursday, July 06, 2006

I have been very quiet

I have been very quiet and not because anything is wrong....I just haven't felt like talking! Can you believe that?! Nothing to say about sewing ~ whoa, I just felt the earth shift a little from its axes! Hold on people, something big is about to happen! *LOL*

No, seriously, I took this week off from work to go to Atlantic City for a few days of vacation with my family. Due to some family situations, we had to cancel the trip. Good thing though, since the Governor of NJ closed the casinos yesterday and people are leaving AC in droves. Guess that was a vacation that just wasn't meant to be!

So I am home with days to fill. Yes, I have been sewing, but I guess just not enthusiastically enough to share. I don't have my usual focused precision going on. Thank goodness I have a sewing list or I would be totally lost! I am working on a few things and I will share pictures and details shortly.

I hate to say this, but I am actually glad that Monday is coming and I can go back to work! "OHMYGOSH!"

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