Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Planning aforethought!

After making all of those garments, I don't much feel like sewing! So I guess I will revert to the next best thing ~ talking about sewing! *smile* Lately much has been said about my productivity. But I think it is a lot easier to sew garments in the summer since you don't have to do as much to them! A summer tank is two pieces, sewing up the side seams, turning down the edges or binding them and hemming it and voila, you have a new tank top!

I also have quite a few TNT (tried and true) patterns which make it easier to change a new pattern or to produce something rather quickly since you have already mastered your fitting issues. And then I have an enormous fabric collection with more arriving every day it seems! I also have a pretty deep button and notions stash. All of these definitely factor into my ability to produce garments in a shall we say timely fashion!

But mostly it's planning...I never once went to the store to pick anything up to complete my as Kathryn from Artisans Guild put it "What I did on my summer vacation wardrobe!" It was all on hand. And it wasn't on hand by accident. The fabrics had been purchased with a specific goal/project in mind. I had a list of what I wanted to make and how I wanted the pieces to work together. So even though I wasn't as enthusiastic about having the days to sew, I didn't have to prepare either. I just had to pick up my list and my supplies and sew.

And isn't that really the point of this ~ just to sew! To enjoy it and create beautiful garments that fulfill some creative need in our lives? How many of us journey out to Joann's or Hancocks and purchase those 99 cent or $3.99 patterns? How many of us run to an internet site when a great fabric sale is discussed and type in our credit card number to get a few pieces of those beautiful fabrics? Or dial a phone number? I know I am not the only one stalking Fabric Mart and Emmaonesock because sometimes those "SOLD" signs are up before I get there! How many times have we been standing before the notions wall at Joann's and remembered a comment that we read on SewingWorld, PatternReview or my personal favorite sewing spot ~ Stitchers Guild/Artisan's Square and used our 40/50% off coupon to try that notion out?

This is just my opinion now ~ well hey, it's my blog right? But if you channeled just a little more energy into planning, you too could produce the results I am producing. Hey, look I have wonderful sewing women that I look up too and try to emulate ~ I did shout-outs to them back in March and April ~ so I am always striving to up my sewing game. I just hope that in some small way I encourage you to up yours too! And my advice to you, if you want to produce more is to plan.

Okay, now don't get your panties in a bunch and talk about how much this is like work....or how much it takes the creativity out of sewing or whatever! I am not advocating that planning should become a chore. I am just suggesting that if you add some "fun" into your planning that you to can just sew. That's it. That's all. Easy peasy plain and simple.

*Plan ~ for a rainy day when you have nothing else to do so you can sew.
*Plan a mental health day ~ escape from your daily responsibilities and just sew.
*Plan ~ when you are purchasing that wonderful new piece of fabric, trim, pattern

So that when you sit down to sew a wonderful new garment will magically appear! Okay, maybe I went a little far with that one but you get my drift!

Planning is not a dirty word! Say it with me people! Planning is fun! Planning will increase your productivity! Planning will make you more like Carolyn! Oops, back it up ~ think I went too far again! *smile* But you get my drift - plan before you sew and turn out a wonderful garment in a shorter period of time! And this ends my lesson for the day!!!!


  1. Planning is one of my favorite aspects of sewing! I LOVE sitting on the couch in my robe at night, sipping a nice glass of wine and perusing my fabric/pattern binders and magazine tear sheets! Fun, fun, fun!

  2. I love to plan, too. I usually have a pattern in mind when I buy a fabric, or at least a garment (top, skirt, etc.)

    However, I change my mind frequently. I'm still making random pieces trying to figure out what I'm doing. My SWAP starts soon, though, so I'll be planning away happily.

  3. Three cheers for the anal retentive sewers!! Woo Hoo, I feel like I'm in good company.

  4. I've started buying certain basic supplies in larger quantities to "have on hand." Living in a rural area it is a treck to get one little thing I may not have. Texture Weft, 1" elastic for waists, clear elastic, silk organza, SM needles etc this is all pretty boring stuff but when you need it you need it. I've been sewing out of my stash this summer with good success. It feels good to get an idea, pull out materials and make it up in one feld swoop.


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