Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stash Diving

Or as a subtitle, "Mining my fabric collection for gold!" And I struck pay dirt! I found a lightweight nutmeg wool ticotine that I purchased at Jomars like ages ago! As you can see from the picture below ~ it works really well with the two main fabrics.

I think it will work really well with the blue silk crepe piece too!

So this is just an update. I will not need to venture into the garment district the week before leaving for vacation. I won't have to stand in the fabric store adding and subtracting and hoping that I am not taking away too much money from the vacation fund because I found a few other pieces that I just had to have and would add so much to the collection! *smile* Nope ~ I have found a suitable piece in my fabric collection.

And today, my fabric collection is like gold! I have found a piece that has been aging for years that will work perfectly with some recently purchased fabrics. Also while I was on my hands and knees pulling pieces from the bottom shelf of the closet, I found two other pieces that will work well with my "All the Leaves Are Brown" Fall SWAP! Yeap, a fabric collection is well worth the time and effort ~ well at least in my case!

So I am off to sew now! I will add a pair of pants from the wool and this will really make these pieces transition from summer to late summer and into early fall! Yeah, it's a good day in the fabric closet!


  1. You have a wining fabric combination. The colors and print are beautiful.

  2. Great fabric combinations. They have just been waiting around for the right moment.

  3.'s good to have a stash! The brown goes perfectly with the print, and the blue silk. Another beautiful collection, Carolyn! :-)


  4. I love those colors together. You are quite a seamstress!

  5. Carolyn - I'm still loving your transition wardrobe. It will work great with your "All the Leaves are Brown" Fall Wardrobe too.

    Time to get busy organizing my stash so I can find gold. g

  6. Carolyn, that nutmeg fabric looks perfect with your other pieces. In combination with the blue, it looks unexpected & fresh! And the vacation fund remains intact - good deal!


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