Sunday, December 03, 2006

10 Sewing Things I know to be True

I was reading an article by Nora Ephron and she wrote about things that she wished she had known when she was younger. A few of them I definitely agreed with and wished I had also known earlier in my life. Of course this got me to thinking about sewing I have listed below 10 sewing related things I know to be true. You may or may not agree with my list but they are true to me!

1. I will always need to rip something out in the middle of a matter how many times I have used a pattern.

2. Somewhere, someway, somehow, I will make a mistake either in measuring, cutting out the fabric or in my fabric choice...and I will need to make a change and/or be flexible to get a finished garment!

3. That in the middle of sewing a seam I will a. run out of bobbin thread; b. break a needle; c. run out of thread and not have any more on hand in that color!

4. That the minute I purchase a piece of fabric online that I have put off buying - it will be marked down or it will go on sale.

5. That the pattern that I traveled to *fill in the blank of a fabric chain store* to purchase in one of their extraordinary cheap pattern sales will not be in the pattern cabinet! Never fails!

6. That if I don't purchase five yards of a fabric I can guarantee you that is the one piece of fabric that I will then want to make multiple garments from ~ never fails!

7. I will never have the right zipper for a garment in the size or color I need if I don't think about it before I begin to sew the garment!

8. That if I try to sew on a deadline one of two things will happen - I will not get it finished in time or if I do I will hate it! Rare is the garment that works that is made in a hurry!

9. That I can't go one day without thinking about something sewing related.

And finally

10. That sewing is like breathing...I must do both to exist!

What sewing things do you know to be true?


  1. If I don't buy that extra 1/8 yard listed on the pattern bag, I will most definitely need to recut a piece and be 4" short!

  2. That if I head over to the fabric store "to just run in and grab (fill in the blank)" I will be there for at least an hour, and will forget what I went in for in the first place!


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  4. Carolyn, you nailed each one dead on the head... I can relate to them all!

  5. That every stumbling block makes me more creative in the long run!

  6. Oh yeah, I forgot: If you need 4 buttons, they will come 3 on a card. If you need 3 buttons, they will come either 2 or 4 on a card!

  7. If I'm sewing an outfit for a special event, or a gift for an occasion - it does not matter how soon I start. I will be stitching the last seam as DF waits in the car, usually blowing the horn.
    This of course is directly related to the number 2 and number 3 truths.

  8. That I will never-ever-never make a garment that I am completely satisfied with. I will always have a list of what could have been done better/differently.


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