Thursday, December 21, 2006

And this is why I am NOT fabric shopping!

See this is my shame....I am sure that some of you are thinking what?! that is just one Rubbermaid bin of fabric. But what you are that it is one Rubbermaid bin full of fabric outside of a walk-in closet that is full to overflowing with some of the prettiest, most awesomish (okay maybe that's not a word! ~ but you know what I mean) fabric. Oh and that does not include the two piles that are laying on my cutting table with about six cuts of fabric apiece. Oops, forgot the pile of fabric that is laying by the side of my bookcase...see I got "fabric issues."

And why is it that every internet fabric site that I subscribe to is sending out these mailers where everything is 10/20/30% off, free shipping, extraordinary markdowns on pieces that at previous prices, I turned my nose up at! What is it about the word "SALE" that suddenly opens a floodgate of creativity and makes me want to run for my credit card. I mean really do I need another piece of fabric? Would I truly lose my mind if I didn't purchase that really awesome piece of fabric that is just screaming out my name?

No to all of the above! So I am resolved that until I start to produce more garments, I am NOT buying fabric. However, I am calling Fabric Mart and signing up for the Sample Cut Club of 2007. I need that monthly fix of those little brown envelopes bringing to me dreams and visions of wonderous and amazing garments to be made. That's not really fabric shopping is it?!

I am finally getting around to sharing some of the four items I have made in the last three months! Can you believe that?! Four items in three months...I use to construct that many garments in a three day weekend...something is truly wrong with this picture...and I must work to get my life back in focus! *smile*

A simple, lined straight skirt that took me two weekends to make! Two! But at least this fabric is not sitting in a is a wearable garment! So now that I have shared my shame with you and pledged not to purchase more until I sew you believe me?


  1. Yay, for sewing up from the stash!

    I thought my stash was looking a bit small, that is until I made an order and had no room to shove my new purchases! I was thinking of joining the FM swatch club this year too - I just need more room to put all those lovely purchases!

  2. I hear you! I vowed to sew from my stash earlier this year also. Those Internet offerings are soooo enticing but if I just hit "delete" without browsing the website I can maintain some control.

    I'm also planning on joining the FM swatch club this year. Guess I better get sewing so I have more room to store my 2007 purchases.

  3. Good for you! I had to give away a large chunk of my stash due to my increased wool allergy. Funny, I still have so much fabric left that I can hardly see where the 40 pieces of wool were! I am also hoping to keep to a sewing/not buying regimen for 2007.

  4. Hmm...well.I too suffer from the angst of 'the fabric stash that grows exponentially', but you know what!!? I love my stash. It represents in a tangible, BIG way, how I feel about my approach to life, that is to say a 'hands on' approach, if you will. Now having stated that, I do agree that some restraint has to eventually be exercised, but to be honest it only works to some extent. So I just try to be extremely selective and buy a few fabric pieces a couple times a year.

  5. You could have a worse type of addiction . . .

  6. I feel your "shame". I have bins full of fabric, sewing room has fabric stacked all over the place, I even found fabric in two bags that I had forgotten about!!!!

    Lovely skirt. One down and xxx to go.

  7. You should start a "use your stash pact club"! I keep my stash in one of those Rubber storage closets. The last time I tried to stuff something in there, I heard a strange "popping" sound. I think that's bad. But really, it was super cute knit and 50% off!

  8. So if I stack my extra fabs on TOP of the rubbermaid container, it still counts as just one container??? WooHOO!! I can go shopping. LOL ;)

    Skirt looks mahvelous. More swap photos soon??

  9. I'm very glad to hear this. Some stash gives scope for creativity, too much can weigh us down thinking about it.


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