Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here are my SWAP fabrics

Just wanted to share a picture of my SWAP fabrics. That's them just six pieces of fabric ~ granted there is some serious yardage to most of the pieces - the black wool crepe is 10 yards by itself! And the fabrics don't seem to be saying much just laying there on the table, but with a little imagination, a lot of trim options and some "keep it simple" pieces from TNT patterns for my Dress SWAP. I think this just might turn out to be a great "Get Dressed Early in the Morning Without Much Thought Wardrobe!"

Since Christmas and the New Year are rapidly approaching and there will be several three day weekends, I am planning on spending some quality time with my sewing machine and my SWAP list. I have to! One just for plain old sanity's sake and two because I think my sewing machine is giving me the evil eye every time I walk by it! I think it misses our quality time together! *smile*

And just for record keeping ~ here is the list of my SWAP fabrics:

10 yards of black wool crepe
2 yards of a black/white plaid
4.5 metres of red wool crepe (qualifying purchase from Timmel Fabrics)
3 yards of a white sandwashed sueded silk
3 yards of a black/white/red glen plaid
2.5 yards of a black wool/silk jersey

As a quick reminder a Dress SWAP consists of 4 dresses, two jackets, two bottoms, and three tops. I have a list of trims that I am looking for and will hit up Daytona Trims next week when its finally slow at work and then hopefully the sewing magic will begin!


  1. Hope you get lots of opportunities to be up close and personal with the sewing machine over the holiday! Good luck :)

  2. I like the fabrics and patterns that you selected. Can't wait to see it all come together!

  3. what a wonderful selection of fabrics, so elegantly simple.
    Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  4. I like your fabrics -- just the thing for your new position -- and don't we know that you will add your special touches to them. I hope you get quality time over the next 3 days for sewing.


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