Monday, December 11, 2006

My Qualifying Fabric has arrived!

Saturday the postman rang the door bright and early - too bright and early since I was still in my nightgown and there was no one else home - so nothing to do but pat my hair down and answer the door! In his hands was my package from Timmel Fabrics - holding the gorgeous red wool crepe that I bought as my entry fee into the contest. A fine piece of wool crepe that is mediumweight and will make great accent pieces!

Also included in the package was 2.5 metres of a polyester brown and pink pinstripe that I saw on Julie's website that I had her include in the bundle. And as always when a new package of fabric arrives - there is the allure of wanting to work with that piece! Does anyone else experience this? The new piece tumbles out of the package with all of its hopes and dreams attached to it and you can "hear" it speaking so clearly that you have to work hard to mentally focus on the task at hand and not to run off to your sewing room clutching the new piece frantically looking for a pattern to make the dream a reality! I didn't succumb this time but it's not to say that I haven't done so in the past! *smile*

So as soon as I get some more batteries for the digital camera I will take a photo of all of my fabrics and post it here. My fabrics consist only of black, white and red colors. As Julie posted on Stitchers Guild a couple of days ago, "keep it simple" and I have decided to follow her advice. Also, my new position requires a different type of clothing requirement than the previous one and you will definitely be able to see the difference in the two SWAPs.

I did work on the pants some this weekend...not much. The weather and the amount of time I am spending at work has conspired against me and much to my dismay, I am experiencing cold symptoms!

Last thing ~ thanks for the SWAP names....keep them coming! I like the "New York Times" suggestion. Just wondering how to work the black, red & white in or if I even need it?! Another thought was Black/White & Red Graphics? Again any and all suggestions will definitely be considered!


  1. Oh yeah. Not only that, but I start thinking, well this new stuff is soo much better than what's already sitting in my stash!

  2. Good luck with your SWAP entry. Can't wait to see how it all comes out.

  3. How about?

    Ebony,Ivory (& Red) in Perfect Harmony

    Perfect Harmony (Ebony, Ivory, w/a burst of Red)

    Inca (who apologizes for all the (corny?) ideas, but they keep popping into my mind)

  4. This is so old I should be embarraseed to post but, here goes- Defintion of a Newspaper--Black and White and Red Allover! See corny!!!

    How about Salt and Pepper with Red Chili on the side! I will quit while I am ahead.

  5. Getting out of the shower this morning I thought about you and your naming your SWAP. I know you were going with a newspaper theme. Perhaps I was hungry cause I keep coming up with names relating to food. Here is my last suggestion (I promise) Tomato with Salt & Pepper.

    I am really looking forward to seeing your SWAP. Keep us posted.

  6. dCarolyn: I have missed you posting on Stitcher's Guild but undersand the pull on our time by work commitments. I'll just need to check on your blog more often.

    I like the New York Times name -- like Linda said the old definition immediately came to mind. Glad to see that you are getting your sewing mojo back.


  7. How about 'black and white and thread all over'? I am very new and have just read your blog for the first time! Am looking forward to reading more in future!

  8. Okay, here are some things I thought of

    Profit and Loss Statement
    Bride and Groom in Love
    Love under a moonlit sky
    Lovenote with red lipstick kiss

    I don't know if this is what you're looking for...but I'm thinking of more. :)
    Love your blog

  9. Yup, the old chestnut does spring to mind:

    "What's black and white and re(a)d all over?"
    A newspaper, of course!


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