Saturday, January 06, 2007

Corporate Dressing

Several posts back I promised photos of some of the garments I made during the last few months of 2006. Everything lately coming out of my sewing studio is corporate dressing. I have to admit to being a little baffled by how to interpret my style into "Corporate Dressing." I am just not a solid color kinda girl! So in no particular order here they are:

Vogue Pattern 2688

Dress made from a taupish brown tropical wool from Fabric Mart. I added a lining to the dress and the interesting part of this dress to me is the ribbon trim. A shot of the ribbon trim on the back of the dress:

Burda 8630

A straight dress with an interesting dart detailing at the neckline and a good basic for layering underneath jackets and sweaters. I made a matching cardigan from my Burda TNT pattern using the black rayon knit from Metro Textiles purchased during fabric shopping with Ann (Gorgeous Things) and Barbara (Cat Fur Studio). Please excuse the shoe boxes in the photos. I brought them home from my old job and haven't gotten them all moved to my new job yet!

The dress by itself. I probably will make this dress again because it is a great foundational piece.

TNT Jacket and Skirt

This the suit that I interviewed in. It was made from a wool glen plaid purchased at Fikret Fabrics in the NYC garment district for an amazing price of $5 per yard. The jacket is a TNT blouse pattern that I have used as a jacket before and the skirt is TNT also. Both pieces are lined and even though it was a great interview is not a favorite.

To view close-ups of sewing details, check out my photo album at

And of course, I must leave you with a picture of a great pair of shoes....


  1. Carolyn, just viewing all of your photos. Great looking clothes. Loving the shoes as well.

  2. The ribbon trim on that first dress is a very cute touch!

  3. Your outfits are beautiful. How 'bout satisfying your yen for color with colorful patterned blouses/shells, then do the corporate thing with solid colored skirts/pants/jackets? That way you get to express yourself and still look businesslike.

  4. Love your dresses, Carolyn! Especially the one with empire accent. You look absolutely chic!

  5. I think you're doing great creating that corporate wardrobe, as conventional as it may needs be.
    Meanwhile, I love your shoes, and how you always include an eye-shoe candy view.

  6. Carolyn you look great! Fabulous interpretations of fabric and patterns as you always do and great shoes! Do you carry your shoes with you in a shoe bag/and or briefcase on the way to work? Typically, when I have to walk a long way or through gravelly parking lots, etc., I wear sensible (but attractive) Aerosole shoes and then change to my fashionable shoes before getting to my appointment.

  7. I like the black dress - very versatile. The ribbon trim on the lighter colored dress is just perfect!

  8. Girl, you have great legs, show them off! And the shoes are TDF!

  9. I totally admire what you´re doing. You look lovely in all of those things and you seem to have really great taste. And that dress looks extremely well made. I wish I could sew this good.


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