Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Six Pieces and counting....

Okay this is a little bit of a brag...but for a girl who couldn't buy a sewing vowel late last year to have made six new pieces ~ this is AMAZING! Or as Liana of "Sew Intriguing" fame said the other day - my sewing mojo is back!

Now flow with me here ~ I need to list these pieces...
  1. Brown poly blend unlined jacket - that matches SWAP pieces from last year!
  2. Silk paisley Sewing Workshop Mission Tank - TNT pattern - I love the versatility of this piece.
  3. SW Mission Tank in white sandwashed silk w/battenburg insert - see there it is again!
  4. Black lined wool crepe pants made from another TNT pattern
  5. Black/white/gray sweaterknit jacket with black lace trim - egads! yet another TNT pattern!
  6. "Cashmere Dreams" this is a collection of garments that I have made and am still working on from a wool/cashmere blend that I bought way too many yards of from FM last year.

Do you realize that if I stopped sewing right now that I would have more pieces than there are weeks in the month! Yippee! So if you will please pardon this brief interruption for braggidicco, I will get back to serious sewing chatting soon! Just need a minute to bask in my accomplishments! *smile*

Maybe my next post should be, "The Joy of Sewing a TNT Pattern!"


  1. Wow! You have gotten your mojo back! I'm impressed. I can't wait to see photos!

  2. Yeah, glad to see you back in the sewing groove! I need to think about some of my more successful patterns and use them more frequently. Might be a good topic!


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