Thursday, January 18, 2007

I have been tagged...

I was going to write something today about TNT patterns but I have been tagged by Mardel of Purls and Murmurs so instead I am going to answer the five questions and toss it off to someone else...

Let's see five things that I have not already divulged on my blog....

  1. I am the firstborn in my family carrying with it all the hopes, dreams and pitfalls of being the firstborn. I have a brother and sister who are supremely confident and sometimes at family gatherings I am glad that I am the firstborn. It is something that neither of them can boast about!
  2. I have a beautiful first soprano voice. I have sung in concert choirs, opera ensembles, church choirs and in my younger days did a little community theatre. My youngest use to ask me to sing "Oklahoma!" for her friends because none of them could believe that I could hold the high notes that long.
  3. I am secretly (well secretly no more!) addicted to Joan Rivers Classic Collections Jewelry. I have not yet quite attained the status of QVC junkie ~ though I am not sure the UPS man thought that around Christmas time! Hey easy-pay is a wonderous thing and I never had to leave the house! But I digress...Joan Rivers Jewelry just does it for me. I especially love the interchangeable pieces and when she was doing pearls seriously, I was breathless, breathless I tell you watching the shows. I own enough of this that on any given day, I could have accessorized an outfit with at least one piece of my Joan Rivers Jewelry!
  4. With my second child I was pregnant with twins...however, I lost one and carried one to full term....and boy is she a handful all by herself...can't imagine if there had been two of her!
  5. I frequently change the lyrics of songs to things I like better. Drives my kids crazy. Jay Z has this song with the hook that goes, "Show me what you got pretty lady!" and I sing it, "SEW me what you got pretty lady...go on and sew something, sew something!" LOL! Makes my kids absolutely nuts!

And since we are daisy chaining, here is a picture of my pincushion too!

So Erica, Sharon, Gaylen, Marji, and Wendy consider yourself tagged! So show me what you got sewing ladies!!!!! *big grin*

Back to regularly scheduling sewing chat tomorrow! TGIF!!!!


  1. Joan Rivers Jewelery is good, eh? I'm going to check it out then. I need some inspiration in the jewelery department. Glad you got tagged!

  2. I sing that Jay-Z song all the time to my dog, she's the "li'l mama". Too funny you sing it as a sewing anthem. Now it'll be stuck in my head, Stand up and Sew and Sew and Sew!


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