Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"A Moment of Reflection...."

In this week's issue of, Newsweek (January 22nd) the last article in the magazine is by Anna Quindlen and it is called, "Write for Your Life." The article is about the movie, "Freedom Writers," and how writing in journals affected the students lives.

While reading the article I thought about all the different types of creative blogs there are in the blogsphere. I have been to so many of them in the last couple of days because of the "Tag Your It!" game. Reading about what is closest to all of these women's hearts - their craft, their art, their passion - and also reading just enough personal details to flesh the individual out even more has been enlightening.

There is something else in Anna Quindlen's article that really touched me. It was used to describe how family members felt about loved ones lost in the Twin Towers....

"Wouldn't all of us love to have a journal, a memoir, a letter from those we have loved and lost? Shouldn't all of us leave a bit of that behind."

So all these bits that we write in our blogs, pictures we take, links to photo sites, etc. can someday become treasured memories for our family and friends. It gave me pause...but it also
encouraged me...we are all writing living memoirs about the things that we are so passionate about! I plan to keep writing, to keep sharing and to keep adding to this "living testimony!"

I hope you will stay around for the journey....


  1. Thanks for that write up.

  2. Really gives you pause to think about the time we spend actually doing the blogging. It's not so wasted, now, is it?


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