Thursday, March 01, 2007

An Ode to Fabric Mart

"Oh Fabric Mart! Oh Fabric Mart!
I love your wonderful fabrics....
You fill my closet with ease and flair
You fill my heart so I don't have a care...
Oh Fabric Mart, Oh Fabric Mart
I love your wonderful bargains!!!!!"
(sung to Oh Christmas Tree!)

Thank God its March because I ordered fabric Monday evening and it had arrived when I walked in from a very exhausting day! Suddenly all seemed right with the world and I didn't have a care...okay, I know you won't get that last statement if you are not a "true" fabricaholic! As previously posted I bought 38 yards of fabric because Fabric Mart was having the mother of all sales....

So this is what I got:

5 yards of a rayon/linen in treebark
4 yards of a red linen
4 yards of a dark pumpkin linen
4 yards of a cornflower blue linen

5 yards of a rayon/poly/lycra (RPL) blend in dark taupe
which just happens to match the 2.5 yards of dark taupe pinstripe super 100 wool that I got from Fikret Fabrics last Saturday ~ woo hoooo!

6 yards of a poly/wool blend in a dark blue/periwinkle pinstripe and
2 yards of a periwinkle wool gabardine which coordinates with the pinstripe fabric

4 yards of a poly/rayon black crepe that is heavy and textured,
and finally 4 yards of a dark gray wool jersey

38 yards for the grand price of $ is amazing how spending a little money on fabric makes my whole day so much brighter! Ahhhh the possibilities that can come out of this box...ahhhhh the joy and pain that can spring forth...ahhhhh the outfits! Yes, I am one happy go lucky fabricaholic tonight!

I was gonna close with no more fabric for me for a fortnight but after looking it up on, I realize that a fortnight is only 14 days!!!! So I guess no more fabric for me for several fortnights! But I'm kewl and it's okay 'cause I got dreams in a box today!


  1. "...dreams in a box..."
    Oh, what a wonderful description of the arrival of an on-line fabric purchase!

    It all looks wonderful, Carolyn, and I can't wait to see what you turn it into! ;)

  2. Wonderful box - and fantastic price! I ordered (a much smaller order) on Monday, so I hope that I'll get my box tomorrow! I guess that means I'm stalking the UPS guy....

  3. "Suddenly all seemed right with the world and I didn't have a care..."

    Oh, I get it! Lovely fabrics and what a bargain!

  4. THIRTY EIGHT yards of fabric for LESS THAN one hundred fifty BUCKS!!!??? Whoa. You are a fantastic fabric shopper,Carolyn. My hat's off to you. I'm extremely impressed. Also, I like the way you think. Those fabrics and colors are fabulous. Really cool, girl. Keep up the good work!

  5. I'm drooling - such beautiful fabrics you purchased. And "dreams in a box" is exactly how I feel when my fabric purchases arrive...

  6. Like Sharon, I'm drooling also. What a great, great, great bargain!
    I love your "dreams in a box" description.

    You must be one of Fabric Marts all time favorite customers!

  7. I love, love, love all the linen. Dang woman - I sure wish we lived closer together. I could roll in your fabric, you could roll in my fabric...

  8. Caro, you are hopeless. I thought you were supposed to be on a fabric diet?!? Naughty girl.
    BUT, I must say, you did very well on that purchase with 38yds for 138USD. Sing an Ode to the Linens for me.

  9. WOW....lucky, lucky you! That is incredible value. I can just picture you dancing around the box...

  10. Carolyn --
    Just wanted to add my voice to many that I find your blog totally inspiring. Full of fantastic information, tips on workmanship, and motivation of course, but the value you place on sewing makes me feel I must be okay too to enjoy sewing, and sometimes to prefer sewing to anything else. There is even a chance that you have more fabric than I do (though I've recently taken up quilting as well, and that produces a real bulk problem in storing the stash). It's gratifyijng that I can read your blog, but I'm envious of those who live nearer New York who can actually go to Kashi's and the garment district with you! More soon,
    Meg in NC
    (I don't have a google account so I may show up as anonymous.)

  11. Carolyn,

    I can't tell you how happy I was to find a kindred spirit out there. I actually bumped into your blog while searching for new online fabric sources. I completely understand that feeling when you got your box from Fabric Mart. I'm anxiously awaiting mine as I type this. Of course, I was all ready to start diving into the world of working with slinky and 4-way stretch fabrics when I realized that I had forogetten to get some clear elastic. Lo and behold, after ordering fabric from FabricMart, Vogue Fabrics and Hancocks, I finally made my way to Lucy's Fabrics for my elastic!! Thanks for sharing your love of sewing!!

    A kindred spirit.

    Christy, Brandon, Florida


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